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Books // The Boy was talking about an interesting blog the other day, called The Futility Closet. Among the interesting and odd things I found there, there was this article about paintings on the sides of old books, which I thought was pretty remarkable.

Style // I love the embroidery on this jacket!

Source: Pinterest

Song // Have you seen the trailer of Maleficent? It has this rad version of “Once Upon a Dream” from the original movie in it, covered by Lana del Ray. Love it!

Tattoo // I absolutely love this tattoo!
Source: Ouch is cool

Studio // I really like this mixture of industrial design elements and botanical prints. I don’t dig the straw hat tough.
Home Decor
Source: VTWonen

Nature // A picture of a giant flying squirl. Belly-view. Really, what’s not to like?
Giant Flying Squirl, belly view whilst flying
Source: Sci-News

Illustration // Jonathan Woodward calls himself an environmental friendly illustrator. He really can call himself that, since he makes pretty collages from recycled magazines. His love for nature is evident in his work and I think it’s wonderful he tries to make people aware of environmental problems, without making difficult to understand artwork.

Wise Words //

Source: SunnyChampagne on Etsy

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  • Reply Eva C. February 25, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    Ik kijk eigenlijk echt uit naar de release van the maleficent 🙂

    • Reply plutomeisje March 9, 2014 at 8:41 pm

      Hehe, ben ook wel nieuwsgierig. 🙂

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