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One Photo An Hour [27 March 2014 ]

I’ve been wanting to do a Photo an Hour challenge for forever. I was waiting for a somewhat exciting day, but since I’ve been so busy with school assignments exciting days are very rare (and why waste those worying about not forgetting to take a picture every hour). So, I took my pictures on a Thursday, when we had a day off. Nothing to exciting happened that day, but it was nice not to go to school and to enjoy the weather.

9am – I wasn’t feeling well, so I treated myself to a bunch of much needed vitamens for breakfast. Also discovered that trying to eat an orange like you would eat grapefruit isn’t a good idea (juice everywhere), but it was very yum.

10am – After breakfast I channeled my inner child and tried to create a COBRA inspired art piece. For a school assignment of course.

11am – My paint was drying and I started looking for some inspiration for another assignment. We need to recreate a didactic image in Illustrator. I don’t really like the images used in school books right now (to be fair, I didn’t even try to find one to my liking), so I went looking in a more retro direction. I was absolutely blown away by the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel (that’s why I ordered the book shown in the photo), but his illustrations are also very hard to recreate. I contemplated choosing something by M.A.Koekkoek. In the end I manned up and went for Haeckel.

12am – We had a course called “Illustrator”, but they told us very little about colouring illustrations. I found some very impressive tutorials online though, not sure if I’ll be able to pull something remotely as good off.

1pm – I walked to the grocery store. Normally I would take my bike, but I wanted to enjoy the weather a bit longer. 🙂

2pm – Back to work, tracing the Haeckel illustration of my choice. Hopefully this will work out…

3pm – Thank god for the Arizona Pomegranate Tea, because those pills taste absolutely awfull (and no, I didn’t chew on them). I figured since I can’t drink alcohol whilst taking them, I should at least drink something nice once in a while. 🙂

4am – And then I started cleaning up the gigantic mess I created the past weeks. Which also meant the early end of my one photo an hour challenge. A bit early, I know, but I couldn’t keep bothering people with photos of me cleaning things, could I?

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  • Reply Melissa April 8, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    Wel leuk. Je bent wel lang bezig aan zo een taak denk ik dan 🙂 Veel geluk

  • Reply Dat Zit Wel Snor April 30, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    Die kwallen zien er tof uit!

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