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May 2014

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    School Projects [4]

    It’s been a while since my last school projects update. Of course, I blame what seems like a million assignments we’ve got in the past weeks and months. I’m working very hard…

  • Inspiration

    Goodknight Simkins

    My favourite artist, Greg Simkins, has a new show in LA. Since I’ll probably never get to see one of his painting in real life (unless I win/ earn a shitload of…

  • Personal

    Crazy Catlady Tag

    A long time ago I got this awesome tag thrown in my direction by Kathleen from Verbeelding. It all started on the Team Confetti blog and now I have the perfect excuse…

  • Personal

    Plans for May

    I wasn’t planning on writing a “Plans for May” post anymore, because I’m going to be extremely busy with desperately trying to finish all my assignments in time. But it just hit…

  • Personal, Travel

    Happy Feet

    When we go on a citytrip we walk. A. Lot. With all that walking around I tend to get sore feet. Not something I particularly enjoy, but because of the soreness of…

  • Inspiration, Travel

    Moscow in posters

    After a week spent in Saint Petersburg we took the train to Moscow. I always had the feeling, whilst talking to other people, that Moscow wasn’t really liked. Someone even went as…