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It’s been a while since my last school projects update. Of course, I blame what seems like a million assignments we’ve got in the past weeks and months. I’m working very hard (ahum, most of the time at least) to finish all of my assignments. I still need to finish a 16-page website, a poster, a website-design booklet, a stop motion movie, a logo and a poster design, a one-page website, take 10 pics of desingers/sketchers and I also need to put all of my tasks from the past year in one mind blowing and super awesome 44 pages portfolio magazine though, by… well, the end of this week would be awesome. Totally do-able. It’s a good thing I’ve handed in one of my exam assignments yesterday. Ah the wonderful feeling of delivering on time…

This poster is inspired by COBRA (I hope that’s obvious?), since we had to make a poster that would fit a poem that was inspired by a COBRA painting. The poem is by Elien Gheenens, a languages student at Artevelde. (Yay, copyright requirements fulfilled!) My professor told me it fitted the ugliness of the COBRA art perfectly. One of the more questionable compliments I’ve got this year.

Next up, my folder design for a charity against meaningless violence. We had to design a folder that contained a bunch of items that were up for auction. I was obsessed by hexagonal shapes at that time. I even put hexagonal shapes in one of my website designs, with absolutely no idea how to pull them off. It was hard fitting everything in, but I’m quite happy with the inside of the folder. The front page misses something, not sure what, but it just doesn’t fit.

For the same charity we later on needed to design a second folder, this time it was a brochure with some information about the workshops they do and the anti-bullying games they sell. We had to make bullying sort of sexy so the brochure would be appealing for students, teachers and government officials. Pretty sure that’s impossible, so I tried making my cover hopeful and combative. This time I like my cover, but I’m not convinced by the inside of the folder (although, I partially blame the very fugly photos we needed to use). We’ll get there some day!

So that’s it for today, I havn’t finished anything else for my Graphic Design course, but I do have some things I want to show you from a course called LODO (it’s about making lay-outs on paper and digitizing them). It’s also the course I mentioned earlier, you know, the one with the finished exam assignment. And now it’s back to designing my website (which I’ll probably never dare showing on this blog, since it’s not that *understatement* pretty)

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    Ziet er goed uit!! Leuk gemaakt!

  • Reply Melissa June 8, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    De bovenste vind ik er heel leuk uit zien! 😀

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