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June 2014

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    Last Week [06]

    Hello all! I’ve been in a happy mood this week, because my exams ended on Monday. Hurray! Sadly I was so tired I didn’t even go celebrating. I’m still tired to be…

  • Sewing, Tutorials

    DIY Felt Tablet Cover

    Back in January I got this amazing birthday present from the Boy. He got me a graphics tablet! I had one of these a couple of years ago and I couldn’t get…

  • Personal

    Last Week [05]

    Hehe, I tried something different for this Last Week post. I always liked handwritten elements on photos, so I tried adding some text to my photos. I would also like to make…

  • Workspace

    School Projects [5]

    This was een assignment for LODO (lay-out & digital formatting). We had to make an advertorial for a tearoom. The text was provided to us and we were free to use whatever…

  • Personal

    A Small Wishlist

    Even though I currently spent way to many hours tucked away behind books (it’s exam season) I dream of more books. Books of a completely different kind than the aforementioned ones of…