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August 2014

  • Interior

    Flea Market Haul

    English Nederlands English I have a love hate relationship with flea markets. In the beginning it always feels like the most promising treasure hunt, but after fifteen minutes I start to get overwhelmed.…

  • Personal

    Last Week [09]

    Another week I can really enjoy a much needed holiday (although I’ll still need to do a little bit of work for my school). I’m looking forward to it! Next week will…

  • Inspiration

    This & That [4]

    On Monday I like to share things. Some pretty, some interesting, some to make you think. I hope you get as much inspiration from my little collection today as I get from…

  • Books

    Ender’s Game: Page vs Screen

    The Boy likes to read science fiction novels. Once in a while I tend to stray from the Fantsy path and end up picking one of his novels as my next read.…

  • Personal

    Last Week [08]

    It’s been a while since I last did a Last Week post. I didn’t take a lot of pictures these past weeks, as I’ve been spending so much time behind my desk…

  • Personal

    Summer to do list [UPDATE]

    So… it’s August! Since I made a ‘Summer to do’-list I don’t have a new list to share with you guys, but I do have a little update. Summer hasn’t been going…