Last Week [12]

It’s almost a month since my last Last Week post. I took very little photos these past weeks for various reasons, one of them not doing much special and not having much opportunity for taking photos, for another my phone that kept freezing up and crashing almost all the time. I finally got too fed up to co-exist with it any longer and I started looking for another phone. Somehow I ended up with the Samsung Galaxy S5. I love this phone! And my not having it dropped once this past week is a contest to that (I’m clumsy, this phone needs a cover, asap, or it will die a horrible floor crashing death). I also sincerely hope this new phone will bring a new wave of photos for these Last Weeks posts. 🙂
You guys probable also now about the inevitable way the world works. Right after you buy a phone you can barely afford you discover your old laptop has somehow fried it’s own HDD. Whilst being in a drawer for a couple of months. You notice this of course after you decide your new laptop really has to go for reparation because one of the hinges of the screen fell apart during last school year (but you never got to sending the laptop back, because you need it every second of the day for school assignments). After the laptop fiasco you also notice your headphones are broken and on their way to irreparable doom… Luckily (ahum) all this happens when they (the new laptop and the headphones) are still in guarantee, so hopefully (and fingers crossed, knock on wood and all the shit) the companies will take responsibility and repair/substitute everything as they should…

Before you start thinking otherwise: this month wasn’t all that bad either. I found a company in Ghent for my internship next year in april (and it’s in cycling distance from my house!), I’ve found a mentor for another school project (for which I’ll attempt designing book covers!), I’ll be working on our school’s magazine as team leader (or as I like to be called: Editor-in-chief), which is both scary and exactly what I wanted. I also read a lot of books and made pumpkin soup…

I looked a Schrödinger looking back and being too cute. And I went to a sale from one of my favourite Belgian brands: Just in Case. I stocked up on cosy sweaters and cute skirts. I’m really looking forward to colder weather, crisp morning air and the perfect opportunities to wear said sweaters..

I also went to FACTS, a convention about nerdy, scifi, fantasy and Japanese things. It was my second time and I had a blast! (also it was very tiring). I didn’t spent much, I only bought one Star Wars (The Empire Wants You!) t-shirt, but I loved the windowshopping I did all day. Also one of my friends let me taste some mochi, which was both a weird and yummy experience. 🙂

How have you guys been these past weeks? Everything all right? Anyone else went to FACTS?
Oh, and also, my sleeping masks got published in Flow magazine! That’s so awesome! Thanks Eva & An for letting me know!

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  • Reply Mieke October 20, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    I went to Facts too. It was my first time and I had a blast! Definitely spent more than I planned to, but there were so many nice things 🙂

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