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It is Monday (although, to be fair, it almost isn’t Monday anymore where I live), which means I shower you guys with some amazing internet finds. This time you may find them a bit Halloween themed, even though it wasn’t my intention when I started this post. Maybe I miss the decorations I normally put up this time of the year, but skipped on this year, who knows…

Illustration How lovely are these illustrations by Romanian illustrator Aitch? She combines florals and humans in such a wonderful and dreamy way and I absolutely adore the vividness of her water colours. Also go check her Facebook page if you want to catch a glimpse of her illustrations process and her sketches.

Source: Aitch via Design Quitoxic

Animals Bats are some seriously misunderstood creatures. They are so lovely and cuddly. Literally, they love snuggling together when they sleep! If you’re not entirely convinced about the adorableness of bats, take a look at the BatsQLD instagram page. I’ve been following them for a while and they post the cutest bat-related pics (and some sad sob stories about orphan bats).

Books Illustrations like these always make me feel somewhat disappointed with myself, just because I never thought about making a bunch of nifty little illustrations about one of my favourite book series ever. I have to work on that (making such illustrations), but in the mean while I will thoroughly enjoy these one of the Harry Potter series by TomatoZero. There are even more where they came from, so go visit their website!

Source: TomatoZero

Hair I’m still in love with pink hair! I’ve been for a while now and since I’m seriously contemplating cutting my hair short again, sprucing things up with a little pink seems like a good option. I only need to find a hair salon that’ll be able to paint it the exact shade of pink I want.

Tattoo How amazing are these black and white tattoos by Mirja Fenris?

Source: Mirja Fenris Tattoos

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