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Ladies (and gents), you’re reading the second Link Love post in the history of this blog! I’ve been meaning to write these posts regularly, but because my blog reading slacked, I didn’t had enough content to share in these little lovely updates. I’m not making any promises, we’ll see how it goes. If you want to know which blog posts I’ve enjoyed reading the past couple of days or if you need some extra inspiration because you still haven’t made up your New Years resolutions, read on!

Decor8 launched a new series about blogging. Every week she discusses another blogging trend inviting everybody to join the discussion. I love reading these #20blogtrends posts. They show blogging can be done in many different ways and every blogger should find his or her own peculiar blogging style. My favorite post until now is the “Blog Trends: Earn Money Without Guilt” post. If you’ve ever felt guilty about charging money for something that you’ve put on your blog or if you’ve ever looked down on a blogger running ads or selling e-books, read this and think again. Remember: bloggers don’t live of rainbows and hugs.
This is the worst compliment anyone can give me
The Middle Finger Project on creativity
Typography Art Envelope Tutorial

Inspiration for some New Year’s Resolutions:

Give yourself a 50 book challenge. Read all about it on The Pretty Books blogs & set yourself a goal!
If you don’t have a lot of inspiration for creating your own 50 books challenge or you’re up for a special edition: Popsugar’s 2015 reading challenge might be perfect for you! They made a list of 50 challenges that’ll help you read more diversely. The Verbeelding Bookclub on Goodreads also has it’s own challenge, so why not join that one?
Why you should do a 365 days project
The girls at A Beautiful Mess have some good tips to achieve goals and to stay motivated.

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  • Reply Fenne January 7, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    Wel, die groepen op goodreads, hoe werkt dat, of hoe kan je die vinden? Ik bak er nog niets van met die app 🙂

    • Reply plutomeisje January 12, 2015 at 11:12 am

      Geen idee hoe je groepen toevoegt als je in de app zit, ik doe dat altijd via de website op mijn pc. :p
      Ik ben er ook van een tiental lid, maar ik gebruik ze niet echt allemaal. Die van de Verbeelding is leuk om in het Nederlands over boeken te praten en omdat het ongedwongen is.

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