January Photo-a-Day Instagram Challenge [Day 1 – 8]

My first week of my January Photo-a-Day Instagram Challenge flew by! I didn’t take the most exciting photos because I currently have my first semester exams. Studying isn’t going great, I think I’ve surpassed the amount of time any sane human being should spent at school and I’m just very impatient. We have a lot of assignments this year, I’m already way behind on everything and these exams (which are very theoretical and technical and aren’t covering things I’ll probably ever need as a graphic designer) feel like a waste of time. I could be working on assignments instead! Though I’m not happy about the studying, I’m quite sure I passed the first two exams. Let’s hope I can keep this up until January 20th. 🙂

01. A New Year – On the first day of the year, after eating way too much and enjoying getting some awesome presents, I enjoyed this very beautiful sunset.

02. Resolutions – I’ve deciced I would put another 365 days project on my birthday list and I’ve already started my 365 Days of Drawing project.

03. A Present – Some of my presents: I got the Hoghwarts Libraty box set and I coloring books for adults. I’m very excited to read/use these!

04. Forgotten – I haden’t baked in forever! I forgot how much I like making delicious smelling food. This was a horse shaped honey-cake and it was delicious!

05. White – I was hoping there would be snow, but alas, the only white things that were surrounding my last week were the pages of my course.

06. Warm – Studying always makes me feel sad and depresed, so I tend to cheer myself up with yummy things. I also still like our Mr. Putin mug (in a sarcastic way of course, I tend to not agree with Russian politics).

07. Work – Working on my typography skills. I’ve decided to make the first month of my 365 days project typography themed. This should also get my through this first busy month without having to come p with a crazy drawing idea every evening.

08. 10 o’clock – At 10 o’clock in the morning I was sitting in an auditorium, sweating over order calculations and trying to calculate the hourly rate of some kind of printing job. This left me little than taking my picture at 10 o’clock in the evening, by which I lay almost passed out (because dead-tired) on my couch enjoying an Intelligence² debate about whether the world is better of without religion.

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  • Reply Kwalison January 12, 2015 at 10:26 am

    Leuke eerste week, geeft een goed beeld van hoe die week was. Ik heb nogal snel de neiging om die foto te "overdenken" (als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel). Succes met je examens!
    (en die paardencake ziet er heerlijk uit)

    • Reply plutomeisje January 12, 2015 at 6:47 pm

      Dank je. 🙂 Ik overdenk zelden mijn foto's, wat ik soms wel wat frustrerend vind, zeker als je al die mooie gestijlde foto's op IG ziet. Maarja, het ging mij om meer foto's, niet om kwalitatievere foto's, dat is voor de volgende keer. 🙂

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