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June 2015

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    May Book Haul

    English Nederlands English June was a very busy month for me (I can’t believe it’s already over!) and although I did start writing this blogpost at the beginning of the month, I…

  • Personal

    27 in 27 list [update 2]

    English Nederlands English This year I’m working on my 27 in 27 list. A list with 27 things to accomplish in my 27th year. Every two months I give an update about…

  • Books, Projects

    A Bookish Photo Challenge

    English Nederlands English Yes, it’s time for a new photo challenge! I already did a photo a day challenge back in January. Although I didn’t really finish it (turns out doing challenges…

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    Verbeelding Book Challenge: juni update

    English Nederlands English At the start of the new year, we got a challenge at the¬†Verbeelding Bookclub: the Verbeelding Book Challenge. It’s a list with 30 different sort of books to read…