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October 2015

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    27 in 27 [update 4]

    It’s been two months since my last 27 in 27 update. I think it’s high time for a new update! I finished some of my challenges this time and I got the piece of…

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    My Winter bucket list

    As I love making lists, I couldn’t keep myself from making a winter bucket list. I actually really like autumn and winter, especially when it’s crispy cold and sunny outside. There is…

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    Last Week

    I never know how to start these posts. Hello and welcome to my bi-weekly overview of my week(s). I’m Eline and I’ll be your host, showing you pictures of my week! I…

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    Four books I really, really liked

      Picking favourite books is a hard challenge. I’m very bad at picking favourites. I seldom have all time irreplaceable favourites, but I do have things I very much like! So I picked…

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    DIY Instagram photo book

    A while ago I printed a couple of Instagram photos. I stuck them to my wall for a couple of months, but I decided I wanted to put them into a tiny…

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    Verbeelding Book Challenge [October Update]

    English Nederlands English At the start of the new year, we got a challenge at the Verbeelding Bookclub: the Verbeelding Book Challenge. It’s a list with 30 different kinds of books to read…