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Workspace – 2016 Agenda WIP

Workspace Wednesday - Agenda Work in Progress

So far, I’ve shown you a lot of school assignments in these Workspace Wednesday updates, but today it’s time for something different! As I mentioned in my Winter Bucket List post, I’m currently working on my 2016 agenda!

I wanted to make my agenda even more flexible this year. After thinking about it for a while, I decided upon a Midori Traveler’s Notebook styled agenda. This will give me a lot of flexibility. I can add months when I need them or take out the one I no longer need. I can also add extra folders for taking notes or sketching or add pockets for all sorts of knick-knacks.

Workspace Wednesday - 2016 Agenda Moodboard

Sources: 1) mochithing2) recording thoughts – 3) Rosy Outlook 2016 Planner  – 4) PapergeekMY  – 5) PapergeekMY6) A Bowl Full of Lemons7) Emiley Ley

The design for the pages is almost ready (it’s been like this for ages). I still need to multiply them so I can fill a whole year, but before I do this, I would appreciate any feedback you guys want to give me! I’ll make this agenda downloadable + I’ll add a tutorial, so if you feel like something could be added or changed, please leave it in the comments below!

2016 Agenda - Monthly overview

I tried to keep the design quite simple and light. No heavy elements and no coloured details. I also refrained from  using elements that go off page, this way anybody can print the agenda at home and there will be no tedious cutting pages to the right size. (As I still need to update my blog to a version with wider photos, you’ll have to click on the images for a better view)

2016 Agenda - To do lists

2016 Agenda - Weekly overview

At the beginning of each month there will be a title page. Because I also wanted to add some colour in my agenda (and to add some creativity/stress-relieving) I decided to turn the title pages into colouring pages. I’m currently drawing and inking these themed title pages and when I have all twelve, it wont take long for my agenda to be finished!

Workspace Wednesday - 2016 Agenda Work in Progress

I bought my piece of leather yesterday (and managed to pick the priciest piece in the shop) and I’m getting really excited to finish this project, so I can put it up on the blog! The only piece I’m missing is some round elastic cord. I don’t know where you can buy this by the meter? It would be awesome if I could find it, somewhere in Belgium, in some nice bright colour, not the standard black and dull red you can find at Veritas.

So, what do you think of this project so far? Interested in this agenda?

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27 in 27 [update 4]

27 in 27 - October update

It’s been two months since my last 27 in 27 update. I think it’s high time for a new update! I finished some of my challenges this time and I got the piece of paper that says I’m a graphic designer! Woohoo!

Even though I finished a couple of challenges, I feel like I’ve stagnated a bit, which isn’t a nice feeling. I’ve got three months left and 18 points on my list that I haven’t completed yet. Yikes!

27 in 27 - my progress on the 50 books challenge

Do the 50 book challenge (63/50)

Omg, can you see that number? The one before the “/50”? How crazy is this? I read 63 books so far this year. Wow! I’m so happy and also a bit proud. I remember how I went from an avid reader to an almost non-reader after high school and now reading is completely back in my life. Ok, it’s not just back, sometimes it takes things over, but hey, still, reading is awesome!

What did I read the past two months?

Whew, that was a long list. Maybe I should do some grouped reviews once in while? Like I did of my favourite books? Or would you rather read full post reviews of books like the review of Nimona? All links in the list above go to my Goodreads review pages btw.

27 in 27 - Start a course in illustration and comics

Starting a course illustration and comic design at art school

I did start a course in illustration and comic design this year! I’m still very happy I decided to do this, although I must admit I already missed some lessons. I was sick for a week and then life somehow took over. After that I had/have a hard time to convince myself to go. I’m a complete chicken when it comes to social events. I need to get a grip, because this is something I really want to do (and be good at, at some point in the future)!

Graduate as a graphic designer

It’s official as sh*t now! I have the piece of paper to prove it! Although I sometimes dream the UGent and Artevelde Hogeschool will realise they have made a mistake in grading me and letting me have my master’s and bachelor’s degree and they will come knocking to the door, demanding to see proof that I really studied and wrote a thesis and stuff and I have just thrown away all my books and notes…. #idreamfuckedupthings

27 in 27 - Support and independent book store

Buy a book in a local/independent book store every month

Still going strong with this one and I had a less hard time deciding on the books I wanted. I still didn’t get to any book stores away from Ghent, but, you know, 2015 hasn’t ended yet.

In September I picked up The Arrival (De Aankomst in dutch, although translating this book really was unnecessary, as it has no words in it). I read it almost immediately and I loved it! I almost cried at the end, which is quite a feat considering it has no text. I also absolutely loved the drawing style. I might pick it up again soon!

I also picked up Chew, vol. 2 at FACTS at the end of September. I bought it of the Het Verborgen Land booth, which is an independent comic book store from Leuven. Because this was at FACTS and still in September it didn’t count for my October book.

Picking up the October book went extremely easy. I bought the Gestameld Liedboek: Moedergetijden (Stammered Songbook: A Mother’s Book of Hours) by Erwin Mortier. I bought a Dutch book. Shocking, I know. It actually makes me sad to know that it took two English Booktubers to convince me that I should pick up a Flemish writer. I heard them mention translated works of Mortier on two different occasions and both BookTubers were so impressed that I decided I had to give my mother tongue another shot. No pressure there, Mortier, but you might convince me to return to the Dutch language…

Make a piece of furniture myself

Last time I mentioned I wanted to make my own bench for our hallway (and for when we have more guests than chairs) and I did! Well, I put together an Ikea bench… I really was planning to make a bench, but Ikea brought out a furniture series of Acacia wood and the bench was only €39,99. There was no way I could make a bench from scratch for a prize so low! I’ll need to find another project…

As always, not a lot of finished challenges in this 27 in 27 update, but still, progress. :)


My Winter bucket list

My Winter Bucket List

As I love making lists, I couldn’t keep myself from making a winter bucket list. I actually really like autumn and winter, especially when it’s crispy cold and sunny outside.

There is so much to look forward to, like holidays, falling leaves and the hope of seeing some pretty snowy landscapes. I picked seven goals for my winter bucket list, for once I don’t think I’m too ambitious, but we’ll see.

My Winter Bucket List

This winter I want to:

  • find a job!
  • crochet a new scarf (or maybe knit is? I can’t knit though)
  • try to reach 70 read books (by the end of the year)
  • finish two new sewing projects
  • celebrate Halloween
  • Go Christmas shopping in a foreign city
  • finish my 2016 agenda (and post the tutorials and printables online)

Hopefully I’ll manage to finish all of the things on the list! I’m quite excited for a few of them and other (the scarf) will probably start to get urgent when the weather starts getting colder. I also really need to finish my agenda design. I’ll probably post a work in progress post on Wednesday, so you’ll soon discover why it’s taking so long to finish it.

What’s on your winter bucket list?

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A Small Wishlist [04]

Asking me to make a wishlist is something I will always do with a bit too much enthusiasm. I’m one of those people that can always think of a bunch of things I really would like to get *someday*.

The items on my list probably don’t come as a surprise, as I’ve mentioned quite a couple of them on my blog or my Facebook page in the past. As a general rule, if you ever want to give me a present and you don’t know what, buy me a book (or a gift cards for books, I don’t know why, but people seem to think it’s not a real present? It is!), I’ll be a very happy camper!

October Wishlist

  1. The new illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone  – €30,54
  2. FunKo POP Vinyl Figure – Harry Potter with Snitch – €16,50
  3. FunKo POP Vinyl Figure – Adventure Time Gunter – €12,99
  4. Jane Austen – Vintage Classics Collections – €10/piece

October Wishlist - Interior Wishes

  1. Mint green geometric candle holder by Bloomingville – €12,50
  2. Air plants
  3. Star shaped brass candle holder by Madame Stoltz – €14,99
  4. Cactus print pillow cover by Confetti Riot shop – €32,65
  5. Skogsta Cutting board – €12,99
  6. I want everything & nothing‘ A3 Glycee Print by Lize Meddings – €28,09
  7. Aberdeen white scissorlamp by Romi – €125

Had anybody told me a couple of years ago there would be a day I put pink and white items on my wishlist, I wouldn’t believed you. I really hated all things white at one point. Guess I’m (finally) growing up.

What’s on your wishlist?


Last Week

Last Week - Title photo

I never know how to start these posts. Hello and welcome to my bi-weekly overview of my week(s). I’m Eline and I’ll be your host, showing you pictures of my week!

I had quite the busy week (as far as you can be really busy when you don’t have a full time job), doing lot’s of things that have been on my to-do list for ages (and which are also way to boring to take pictures of). Let’s just get on to the things I did photograph!

Last Week I found this tiny salamander in my garden, smaller than a finger! Last Week I discovered a poster I designed, hanging in the local train station

Two nice surprises: I first found a salamander in my garden. I have a tiny city garden without water, so it was quite a surprise finding it! I almost cut it in two as I was cutting my very (very) long grass with a pair of gardening scissors. I wanted to release it somewhere in a more suitable environment (and away from my animal killing kitties), but it escaped before I had the chance.

Next, I went searching for the Go Strange poster I designed during my internship as one of my friends had told me it was up in the Gent-Sint-Pieters station. I did find it! And it made me very happy to see it there! It made it all so real!

Last week I drew a couple of things for InktoberLast week I drew a couple of things for Inktober

October is the month of Inktober. When you participate in Inktober you have to make one ink drawing each day. Of course, I’m way behind in this, but the couple of drawings I did make where a lot of fun!

Last Week I went to Damme and had a long and wonderful walk

We went for a long walk in Damme, near Bruges. It’s a nice little village, but on Sundays it gets pretty overrun by tourists, who probably all want to enjoy nature and the quiet of the village, but they all drive there with their cars and try to park as close to the city centre as possible. Pretty silly if you ask me.

Last Week I particpated in the Grisha read-a-long and drew some fan art of Alina and her stag

I finished reading Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, which I’m reading for the Grisha Read-a-long by Blossom Books. They also put challenges only, one of which was to make some fan-art. I never made fan-art before, it was a nice challenge.

Last week I finally managed to take a picture of Pixel

One of the rare photographs taken of Pixel. She never wants to pose for pictures and always sleeps in such ways or on such places that it’s impossible to take a good picture of her. But now I managed it. So much better than the last one I got from her!

How has your week been? Did anything fun? Discovered something new?


Four books I really, really liked



Picking favourite books is a hard challenge. I’m very bad at picking favourites. I seldom have all time irreplaceable favourites, but I do have things I very much like! So I picked four books I’ve read either this year or in the last two years and I really loved. I also illustrated them (which, to be fair also sort of narrowed down the options because I couldn’t make illustrations of all the books, some have really difficult covers).

Favourite books - Stardust
Stardust – Neil Gaiman

Stardust was the first Neil Gaiman book I picked up and I fell in love! I really loved the writing style and the way the story was told. It felt completely different from other fantasy novels I read before. I think Gaiman has the tendency to make normal people into the heroes of his stories, but without giving them any secret powers. They just have to struggle and grow throughout the book. I also read The Graveyard Book and Neverwhere by Gaiman. The first I found too simplistic, the later I also absolutely loved!

Favourite books - Seconds
Seconds – Bryan Lee O’Malley

Seconds is a graphic novel about growing up and finding your own place in the world. It’s a story about magic mushrooms (not that kind), about ghosties and owning and running a restaurant. I got this one for my birthday this year and read it in one sitting. I loved it! I also love the illustration style, which is so quirky. Brian Lee O’Malley also wrote the Scott Pilgrim series, which I also really want to read.

Favourite books - I'll Give You the SunI’ll Give You the Sun – Jandy Nelson

I read I’ll Give You the Sun last year in November and, oh my, I loved every single bit of this book. I loved the characters and the story and I loved the writing style so much! I felt like Jandy Nelson painted a story rather than wrote it. I also cried a lot whilst reading this book. The story just hit me in the feels over and over again. Maybe I felt a little too connected to the main characters, but still, it was a wonderful book. I highly recommend it! (ps: the Dutch edition is as pretty as the English edition and is called Ik Geef je de Zon)

Favourite books - Flowers for AlgernonFlowers for Algernon – Daniel Keyes

Flowers for Algernon is one of the books I read during my cover designing process and for which I designed a new book cover. I had started reading the book once before, but I couldn’t get into the story at that time. And now look at it, it’s one of my favourites! It’s the story of Charlie, who wants to be smart, and who participates in an experiment that’ll make him so. As a reader you read the reports Charlie himself makes about this experiment and you can only feel for him.

If you’re interested in reading these books, I recommend reading them in English, as this is the original language for all of them. Stardust and Flowers for Algernon are translated in Dutch (as Ster en Het Genie in de Muizenval), but I think they’re out of print.

What are your favourite books you read this year? Which is your all time favourite?

Disclaimer: all of the links in the above blogpost link to the Bookdepository or the website, of which I’m an affiliate. This means that when you click one of the links and place an order,  you’ll help me pay my hosting fees for this blog. For which I very much thank you!


DIY Instagram photo book

How to make an Instagram Photo book How to make an Instagram Photo book

A while ago I printed a couple of Instagram photos. I stuck them to my wall for a couple of months, but I decided I wanted to put them into a tiny booklet. I’ve researched a couple of ways of doing this and I decided to make a tailor-made booklet.

This tutorial might look a bit intimidating, but I’ve come to really like sewing booklets. It takes only a bit of practise to get the hang of things and before you know it, you’re making your own sketchbooks or notebooks. Read the tutorial through to the end before attempting to make a booklet, this will make making one a lot easier.

DIY Instagram Photo book - Needed: paper & photos

Materials needed for a super cute photo booklet:

  • A bunch of Instagram photos
  • Sheets of paper, at least 200 g/m²
  • Utility knife
  • A thick needle and (waxed) thread
  • Glue
  • Pieces of card board
  • Pencil and ruler

Stack the folded papers and mark the needle openings with pencil

Start putting it together

Start by cutting the sheets of paper to the right size. I used  210 x 150 mm. I cut 18 in total, making sure I could fit in all my Instagram photos. I also added two extra sheets, which are used as cover and end paper. Fold all the pieces in half.

Next mark where you want to make the needle holes. I started 1 cm from the upper and lower edge of the paper. Then I added four more marks, starting at 1,5 cm from the first marking and another at the same distance. I left a bit more space in the middle and did the same at the lower part of the paper, starting from the mark closest to the edge of the paper.

Glue the photo to the pages

Next, I glued all my photos to the pages of the booklet. The photos will add a lot of extra thickness to the booklet. When you first sew the pages together and then add the photos, it’ll put a lot of strain on the thread. Make sure you put your stack of papers in the right order.

Making a long stitch at the inside of the folded paper

Sewing the pages

I wanted to use the Coptic stitch I used on my 2015 day planner again, but the booklet we’re about to make has a loose cover flap and only the last page is glued to the cover. This means we’ll have to adapt the technique from the planner so we can use it without the sewn on covers.

Start by putting the needle in one of the holes closest to the edge of the last paper of your booklet. Put your needle from the outside of the spine into the hole, to the inside. Make one long stitch to the other side of the paper. Make sure you leave a long enough piece of thread at the starter side.

Add the next piece of folded paperMake a loop around the long stitch in the first piece of folded paper

Take your second piece of paper and put your needle in the first hole. Make a stitch to the second hole. Put your needle through the corresponding hole of the first piece of paper and make a loop around the thread inside. Put your needle through the same opening again to the outside.

Make a knot around the second stitch Stitching together the pieces of paper

Put you needle in the space between the two pieces of paper and make a loop around the stitch that connects the two pieces of paper. Make a knot. Then put your needle in the hole in the upper piece of paper. Inside you make a stitch to the next hole.

Making a stitch to the next needle openingHow to make a knot between the different pieces of paperHow to make a knot between the different pieces of paperPut the needle back into the same opening

Repeat the last couple of steps for each new opening working your way to the last hole in the paper. Then make a knot with the loose piece of thread and the piece of thread on your needle.

Make a knot on the last needle openingMake a knot on the last needle opening of the booklet

Take the next piece of paper, put your needle in the first opening and make a stitch to the next opening. Then start to reap the process explained above again. When you keep on doing this for each sheet of paper, you’ll get something like the picture below.

The completed book stack

Making the cover

Now, we’re going to make the cover. Take your sheet of cardboard paper and cut two pieces the same size of the folded stack of papers. Cut an extra piece of cardboard for the spine of the booklet. Measure the height of the book block. This will be the width of the spine (maybe at a couple of millimetres for good measure).

Cutting the pieces of cardboard Pasting the pieces of cardboard together with some tape

Tape the pieces together with some tape. Don’t put the pieces of cardboard to close together, make sure there are a couple of millimetres between the pieces of cardboard. This way it’ll make a neat fold in the cover.

Making sure the cover fits the book blockMaking sure the cover fits the book block

Make sure the cover fits the stack of papers by putting it around the book block. Better to measure twice before starting the finishing touch!

The finished Instagram photo bookThe finished Instagram photo book

Finishing the booklet

How you finish the booklet is up to you. I had a bunch of white self adhesive vinyl lying around and I decided to use that for finishing the cover. I cut a piece for the inside and another for the outside. It’s a bit like putting a wrapper around school books. When you’ve put you wrapper around the cover, glue the back of the book black to the uncovered piece of cardboard on the right side of the open cover. You’re finished!

I also added the years in which the photos were taken on the first page and added an elastic band. This band makes the booklet stay shut and keeps the book block (which is quite heavy) from ripping itself loose from the cover should the booklet fall.

The finished Instagram photo bookThe finished Instagram photo book The finished Instagram photo book

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Embrace the glorious mess that you are

Can you believe I never tried colouring in an illustration in Photoshop before? Ok, that’s not true, I did all of these covers in Photoshop, but I never tried something using this technique. I always tend to use Illustrator for text, which isn’t always the best solution. So when I decided I wanted to participate in Fab’s #DoMoreInOctober and illustrate one of my favourite quotes, I decided it was time to branch out a bit and to try something new.

Favourite quote: Embrace the Glorious Mess that you are - quote illustrated by Eline Van der Gucht ©

Who knew putting colour in an illustration was so easy? I didn’t for sure. I’m already looking forward to making more illustrations in photoshop. Maybe I can put some colour on some of my #inktober pieces…

Favourite quote: Embrace the Glorious Mess that you are - quote illustrated by Eline Van der Gucht ©

Anyway, about the quote. I can’t say it’s my favourite quote ever. I have a hard time finding favourites of anything, but it’s a quote that floated on the internet this week and I really liked it. It’s a gentle reminder that we should all be a bit more gentle to ourselves.

In this age where a lot of people seem to lead perfect lives, have perfect bodies and seem to have everything under control, it’s not uncommon to feel like a bit of a mess. I do think the pressure society and the media puts on people to live up to such images is a mistake. People should just be able to be themselves and should be able to enjoy being themselves, however big or small a mess they are.

So this week I’ll:

  • try to smile instead of scowl when I look in the mirror
  • try to be happy with the illustrations and drawings I make (instead of hate them the moment they’re finished)
  • try to pat myself on the back when I tried my best, but still failed to complete my to do list
  • try to be a less harsh critic, both for myself and the people that surround me

So, be kind to yourself this week. Embrace all the tiny, freaky, geeky, weird tidbits that make up the person that is you. 🙂


Verbeelding Book Challenge [October Update]

Verbeelding Book Challenge

At the start of the new year, we got a challenge at the Verbeelding Bookclub: the Verbeelding Book Challenge. It’s a list with 30 different kinds of books to read this year, so we need to step out of our reading comfort zone. I’m not sure what sort of a reader I am, but I know there are a lot of genres I’ve never read before.

In my last update I counted fourteen completed challenges and in the past couple of months I made a bit more progress. Now I’ve read 19 books that all fit for one of the challenges. I might even be able to finish the complete book challenge!

The biggest part of the unfinished challenges are for books that occur in European or American settings. Apparently, I’m not a very diverse reader when it comes to locations. Although I must point out that a lot of the books I read aren’t even set on this planet, as I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi. I’m considering making December into an “exotic” month and only read books that are set in Africa, Oceania, Asia or South-America. Maybe it’ll also help against the winter blues.


  • A poetry collection – I ordered The Sea and the Bells by Pablo Neruda, after I read one of the poems from this collection online and I fell in love. I loved the collection and it made me want to read poetry more often!
  • A sci-fi book – Because the movie was about to come out in Belgium, I decided to read The Martian. I’m rather curious now as to how they translated the book into a movie, so I’ll probably go and watch it this month!
  • A book that has been made into a movie – I could’ve picked The Martian of course, after the disastrous attempt at reading Horns, but that would’ve been too easy. I picked The Locke & Key series for this one, as the series has been made into a movie a couple of years ago.
  • A book you’ve read in one sitting – In my last update I put Locke & Key Vol. 1 Welcome to the Lovecraft here, but as I’m using the series for the previous challenge, I needed to pick a new book. I read The Arrival by Shaun Tan in September and loved it!
  • A book you loved as a child – I wasn’t going to do this challenge, because I feared it would ruin one of my childhood memories, but I’ve started reading the Harry Potter series as an audiobook a couple of weeks ago and I’m loving it! It’s narrated by Stephen Fry, who does an awesome job!
  • A book based on a true story – I read The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, which contains a short story that is autobiographical. It’s one of the Pinguin Little Black Classics and they’re super cheap in the book store (not online though)!

Work in progress

  • A book written in a language other than the one you normally read in  – I started reading Le Contes de Beedle le Barde by J.K. Rowling, but progress has been rather slow. I’m unfamiliar with the translation of the names of people and things from the Harry Potter universe, so sometimes I’m looking in the dictionary for a word that actually is a name of a place or something. Confusing!
  • A historic novel – I first thought of reading The Book Thief for this one, but now I think I’ll read Burial Rites. This one is on my list of 26 books I still want to read this year, I’m only waiting for the perfect misty and cold November day to start this book.
  • A book that won a prize – I’m planning on reading A Monster Calls in October and that is a book that won a couple of prizes!
  • A book published before 1900 – I’ve been wanting to read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde for a long time and I think this might also fit my thirst for fantasy.

Not started

  • Read a book published in your birthyear – 1988 is the year, but I haven’t yet decided which one I’ll pick from this list.
  • A book made into a tv-series – Not a clue yet
  • A book you’ve been wanting to read for the longest time
  • A book set in Africa – I’m thinking about reading Who Fears Death, a fantasy novel set in Africa. As it’s still a fantasy novel I’m not getting to far out of my comfort zone.
  • A book set in Asia – I could pick up one of Murakami’s works, but I’m also tempted by Ruth Ozeki’s books. Especially by A Tale for the Time Being.
  • A book set in  South-America – Maybe one of Zafon’s books for this one, since I like magical realism.
  • A book set in Oceania – Hanya Yanagihara, one of the authors that is short listed for the Man Booker Prize, wrote The People in the Trees, a book that’s partially set in Micronesia. It’s also something between magical realism and historical fiction, which sounds very intriguing.

Are you participating in some sort of book challenge? How are things going?

Disclaimer: all of the links in the above blogpost link to the Bookdepository website, of which I’m an affiliate. This means that when you click one of the links and place an order,  you’ll help me pay my hosting fees. Thank you!

Verbeelding Book Challenge

In de Verbeelding Bookclub kregen we dit jaar een uitdaging voorgeschoteld: de Verbeelding Book Challenge. Een lijst met 30 boekgerelateerde puntjes waarmee we uit onze comfort zone konden stappen.

In mijn vorige update stond de stand op veertien geschrapte puntjes en ondertussen maakte ik opnieuw wat vooruitgang met deze challenge. Momenteel staat de stand op 19 van de 30. Geen gigantische stappen, maar heel misschien (heel misschien) ga ik er nog wel raken!

Mijn grote probleem blijft de boeken die zich buiten Europa en Amerika moeten afspelen. Blijkbaar lees ik op dat gebied echt wel niet divers. Alhoewel, veel van mijn boeken spelen zich ook niet in Amerika of Europa af aangezien ze zich gewoon niet op onze wereld afspelen. Hoera voor fantasy en sci-fi daarvoor. Ik ben aan het overwegen om van december mijn “exotische” maand te maken, waarbij ik enkel boeken lees die zich afspelen in Afrika, Oceanië, Azië of Zuid-Amerika. Misschien helpt dat wel tegen de winterblues.


  • Een poëzie bundelThe Sea and the Bells is de laatste dichtbundel van de Chileense dichter Pablo Neruda, geschreven toen hij wist dat hij ging sterven. Ik heb erg genoten van zijn gedichten en ik kan mij voorstellen dat ik nog wel eens naar deze bundel ga grijpen. En naar andere gedichtenbundels.
  • Een sci-fi boek – Ik las  The Martian net op tijd uit, want ondertussen is de film al in de Belgische zalen. Ik ben ook heel benieuwd hoe ze het verhaal naar het grote scherm vertaald hebben.
  • Een boek dat verfilmd werd – Ik begon aan Horns als audioboek, maar dat viel tegen. Ik kon mijzelf er niet toe brengen om nog verder te lezen. Dat ik dit puntje kan schrappen, heb ik te danken aan de Locke & Key serie, want die is verfilmd!
  • Een boek dat je kan uitlezen op één dag – Oorspronkelijk stond hier Locke & Key, vol. 1, maar aangezien ik Locke & Key nu voor het vorige puntje gebruik, moest ik op zoek naar iets anders. Ver heb ik niet moeten zoeken. Ik las in September De Aankomst van Shaun Tan, een woordeloze graphic novel, met prachtige tekeningen.
  • Een boek waar je gek van was als kind – Ik had niet gedacht dat ik dit puntje ging schrappen, aangezien ik geen zin had om kinderboeken te herlezen en daardoor de goede herinneringen om zeep te helpen, maar toevallig ben ik de afgelopen weken de Harry Potter boeken aan het herlezen. In audioboek vorm, wat een heel nieuw ervaring is!
  • Een boek gebaseerd op waargebeurde feiten – Ik las The Yellow Wallpaper, één van de Pinguin Little Black Classics (die in de winkel €1,50 kosten, maar online bijna €5 zijn, dus ga naar de winkel!), dat drie kortverhaaltjes bevat. Het eerste daarvan is autobiografisch.

Met bezig

  • Een boek in een andere taal dan dat je anders leest  – Frans is één van die talen waar ik mij nog nooit aan gewaagd heb (op Le Petit Prince na) en ik kocht een tijdje terug toevallig Le Contes de Beedle le Barde van J.K. Rowling. Ik ben voorlopig nog niet voorbij de inleiding geraakt, want ik moet toch wel vaak naar de woordenboek/het internet grijpen om te begrijpen waarover het gaat/te weten dat het woord een verfranste versie is van één van de namen in het boek.
  • Een boek dat een prijs heeft gewonnen – A Monster Calls staat ook nog op mijn te-lezen lijst voor oktober en dat boek heeft verschillende prijzen gewonnen.
  • Een boek dat voor 1900 werd gepubliceerdThe Picture of Dorian Gray van Oscar Wilde staat al belachelijk lang in mijn boekenkast en hij past ook wel bij mijn fantasy goesting.
  • Een historische roman – Eerst stond hier The Book Thief, maar volgens mij gaat het Burial Rites worden. Ik wacht gewoon nog op een mistige dag in November om er aan te beginnen.

Nog onbegonnen

  • Een boek gepubliceerd in je geboortejaar – 1988 om precies te zijn. Maar het is er nog niet van gekomen, nochtans zijn er wel een aantal kanshebbers.
  • Een boek waar een televisie reeks werd op gebaseerd
  • Een boek dat al zeer zeer zeer lang op je te lezen lijst staat
  • Een boek dat zich afspeelt in Azië – Hiervoor kan ik altijd naar Murakami grijpen, hoewel Ruth Ozeki haar A Tale for the Time Being ook al een paar keer op mijn radar verschenen is.
  • Een boek dat zich afspeelt in Afrika – Ik neig hiervoor naar Who Fears Death, een fantasy verhaal dat zich in Afrika afspeelt. Kwestie van toch niet te ver uit die comfortzone te moeten stappen.
  • Een boek dat zich afspeelt in Latijns-Amerika – Het magisch realisme van Zafon spreekt mij hiervoor wel aan.
  • Een boek dat zich afspeelt in Oceanië – Hanya Yanagihara, die momenteel op de shortlist voor de Man Booker prijs staat, schreef The People in the Trees, een boek dat zich gedeeltelijk afspeelt op een eiland in Micronesië. Dat klinkt als Oceanië voor mij. The People in the Trees valt dan ook nog eens in de magisch realisme/historische fictie categorie, dus ik eigenlijk wel nieuwschierig naar dit boek.

Doe jij mee aan de Verbeelding Book Challenge (of een andere book challenge). Hoe vordert het bij jou?

Disclaimer: Bovenstaande links linken allemaal naar de website, waar ik een affiliate van ben. Wanneer je op een van de links klikt en daarna een bestelling plaatst, dan krijg ik daar een procentje van. Dit maakt de bestelling voor jou niet duurder, maar zorgt er wel voor dat ik hiermee mijn hosting fee voor mijn website kan betalen. Merci daarvoor!

Design & Illustration, Workspace

Workspace Wednesday – Go Strange-poster

Go Strange poster design

Today is Wednesday, which means I have another Workspace Wednesday for you. I’m showing another project I made this year, but it’s not a school assignment. While I was on my internship, I designed a couple of projects, but the poster I made for Go Strange, is one of the designs I’m proudest of. I still love this poster!

At first Go Strange wanted to use the design of their last fair, but Esign, the company I was an intern at, gave me some time to come up with a couple of ideas. They let me develop one of those designs, which was then put next to the old poster design. Go Strange let a some youths decided which poster they liked best and they voted to go with my new design. Hurray! I got a lot of time from Esign to make this poster fit Go Strange’s needs.

Go Strange illustration design

Go Strange illustration design

I had a lot of fun designing this poster. I really liked the combination of illustration and typography and I love coming up with things like this. I had a lot of feedback from Dorien, one of the designers at Esign, which made my poster better. For the poster I wanted to use some sort illustration style I never used before. So I picked flat design, a sort of extreme 2D version of illustration. I’m not sure my poster fulfils all of the flat design criteria, but the people of Go Strange were pleased. I also designed the Go Strange 2015 website, which fits the design of the poster perfectly.

Go Strange website design

So, what do you think? Nice poster?

Go Strange poster design

Het is woensdag vandaag en dat wilt zeggen dat ik een nieuwe Workspace Wednesday voor jullie heb. Vandaag toon ik nog een van de projecten waar ik afgelopen jaar aan werkte, alleen was dit geen schoolopdracht. Tijdens mijn stage werkte ik aan een aantal projecten, maar mijn poster voor Go Strange is toch wel hetgene waar ik meest trots op ben. Ik vind hem nog steeds geweldig! Misschien hebben jullie hem al ergens zien hangen, want de Go Strange Infobeurs vindt dit weekend plaats.

Oospronkelijk wou Go Strange het design voor hun vorige beurs, twee jaar geleden, hergebruiken, maar ik mocht van mijn stagebedrijf, Esign, ook een voorstel doen. Uiteindelijk werd mijn voorstel gekozen (geheel democratisch, want Go Strange legde mijn postervoorstel en de oude poster voor aan een groepje jongeren en die beslisten) en kreeg ik tijd om de poster volledig op maat van Go Strange uit te werken.

Go Strange illustration design

Go Strange illustration design

Ik heb mij alleszins geweldig geamuseerd met die poster. De combinatie van illustratie en typografie ligt mij wel (allez, ik doe dat alleszins heel graag) en dankzij de feedback van Dorien van Esign puzzelde ik een mooie poster in elkaar. Voor de illustraties greep ik naar “flat design” een soort extreme 2D versie van illustreren, want dat leek mij leuk om eens te doen. Echt volgens de regels van flat design is hij waarschijnlijk niet, maar goed, Go Strange was alleszins tevreden. De Go Strange 2015 website heb ik trouwens volledige in dezelfde stijl mogen aankleden.

Go Strange website design

Wel, wat denken jullie van deze poster? Yay of nay?

Wie trouwens geïnteresseerd is in werken in het buitenland (als vrijwilliger, als stagiair of gewoon zelfs voor een echte job), moet trouwens dit weekend naar de Go Strange Infobeurs afzakken! Voor alle informatie kunnen jullie terecht op de Go Strange website.