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I never know how to start these posts. Hello and welcome to my bi-weekly overview of my week(s). I’m Eline and I’ll be your host, showing you pictures of my week!

I had quite the busy week (as far as you can be really busy when you don’t have a full time job), doing lot’s of things that have been on my to-do list for ages (and which are also way to boring to take pictures of). Let’s just get on to the things I did photograph!

Last Week I found this tiny salamander in my garden, smaller than a finger! Last Week I discovered a poster I designed, hanging in the local train station

Two nice surprises: I first found a salamander in my garden. I have a tiny city garden without water, so it was quite a surprise finding it! I almost cut it in two as I was cutting my very (very) long grass with a pair of gardening scissors. I wanted to release it somewhere in a more suitable environment (and away from my animal killing kitties), but it escaped before I had the chance.

Next, I went searching for the Go Strange poster I designed during my internship as one of my friends had told me it was up in the Gent-Sint-Pieters station. I did find it! And it made me very happy to see it there! It made it all so real!

Last week I drew a couple of things for InktoberLast week I drew a couple of things for Inktober

October is the month of Inktober. When you participate in Inktober you have to make one ink drawing each day. Of course, I’m way behind in this, but the couple of drawings I did make where a lot of fun!

Last Week I went to Damme and had a long and wonderful walk

We went for a long walk in Damme, near Bruges. It’s a nice little village, but on Sundays it gets pretty overrun by tourists, who probably all want to enjoy nature and the quiet of the village, but they all drive there with their cars and try to park as close to the city centre as possible. Pretty silly if you ask me.

Last Week I particpated in the Grisha read-a-long and drew some fan art of Alina and her stag

I finished reading Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, which I’m reading for the Grisha Read-a-long by Blossom Books. They also put challenges only, one of which was to make some fan-art. I never made fan-art before, it was a nice challenge.

Last week I finally managed to take a picture of Pixel

One of the rare photographs taken of Pixel. She never wants to pose for pictures and always sleeps in such ways or on such places that it’s impossible to take a good picture of her. But now I managed it. So much better than the last one I got from her!

How has your week been? Did anything fun? Discovered something new?

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  • Reply Mirthe October 18, 2015 at 10:53 pm

    Ik heb je Go Strange poster vorig weekend zien liggen als flyer bij de bakker (in Antwerpen centrum). 🙂

  • Reply Le petit requin October 19, 2015 at 12:05 pm

    Zo zalig, die salamander in je tuin!

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