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A Small Wishlist [04]

Asking me to make a wishlist is something I will always do with a bit too much enthusiasm. I’m one of those people that can always think of a bunch of things I really would like to get *someday*.

The items on my list probably don’t come as a surprise, as I’ve mentioned quite a couple of them on my blog or my Facebook page in the past. As a general rule, if you ever want to give me a present and you don’t know what, buy me a book (or a gift cards for books, I don’t know why, but people seem to think it’s not a real present? It is!), I’ll be a very happy camper!

October Wishlist

  1. The new illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone  – €30,54
  2. FunKo POP Vinyl Figure – Harry Potter with Snitch – €16,50
  3. FunKo POP Vinyl Figure – Adventure Time Gunter – €12,99
  4. Jane Austen – Vintage Classics Collections – €10/piece

October Wishlist - Interior Wishes

  1. Mint green geometric candle holder by Bloomingville – €12,50
  2. Air plants
  3. Star shaped brass candle holder by Madame Stoltz – €14,99
  4. Cactus print pillow cover by Confetti Riot shop – €32,65
  5. Skogsta Cutting board – €12,99
  6. I want everything & nothing‘ A3 Glycee Print by Lize Meddings – €28,09
  7. Aberdeen white scissorlamp by Romi – €125

Had anybody told me a couple of years ago there would be a day I put pink and white items on my wishlist, I wouldn’t believed you. I really hated all things white at one point. Guess I’m (finally) growing up.

What’s on your wishlist?

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