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27 in 27 [update 4]

27 in 27 - October update

It’s been two months since my last 27 in 27 update. I think it’s high time for a new update! I finished some of my challenges this time and I got the piece of paper that says I’m a graphic designer! Woohoo!

Even though I finished a couple of challenges, I feel like I’ve stagnated a bit, which isn’t a nice feeling. I’ve got three months left and 18 points on my list that I haven’t completed yet. Yikes!

27 in 27 - my progress on the 50 books challenge

Do the 50 book challenge (63/50)

Omg, can you see that number? The one before the “/50”? How crazy is this? I read 63 books so far this year. Wow! I’m so happy and also a bit proud. I remember how I went from an avid reader to an almost non-reader after high school and now reading is completely back in my life. Ok, it’s not just back, sometimes it takes things over, but hey, still, reading is awesome!

What did I read the past two months?

Whew, that was a long list. Maybe I should do some grouped reviews once in while? Like I did of my favourite books? Or would you rather read full post reviews of books like the review of Nimona? All links in the list above go to my Goodreads review pages btw.

27 in 27 - Start a course in illustration and comics

Starting a course illustration and comic design at art school

I did start a course in illustration and comic design this year! I’m still very happy I decided to do this, although I must admit I already missed some lessons. I was sick for a week and then life somehow took over. After that I had/have a hard time to convince myself to go. I’m a complete chicken when it comes to social events. I need to get a grip, because this is something I really want to do (and be good at, at some point in the future)!

Graduate as a graphic designer

It’s official as sh*t now! I have the piece of paper to prove it! Although I sometimes dream the UGent and Artevelde Hogeschool will realise they have made a mistake in grading me and letting me have my master’s and bachelor’s degree and they will come knocking to the door, demanding to see proof that I really studied and wrote a thesis and stuff and I have just thrown away all my books and notes…. #idreamfuckedupthings

27 in 27 - Support and independent book store

Buy a book in a local/independent book store every month

Still going strong with this one and I had a less hard time deciding on the books I wanted. I still didn’t get to any book stores away from Ghent, but, you know, 2015 hasn’t ended yet.

In September I picked up The Arrival (De Aankomst in dutch, although translating this book really was unnecessary, as it has no words in it). I read it almost immediately and I loved it! I almost cried at the end, which is quite a feat considering it has no text. I also absolutely loved the drawing style. I might pick it up again soon!

I also picked up Chew, vol. 2 at FACTS at the end of September. I bought it of the Het Verborgen Land booth, which is an independent comic book store from Leuven. Because this was at FACTS and still in September it didn’t count for my October book.

Picking up the October book went extremely easy. I bought the Gestameld Liedboek: Moedergetijden (Stammered Songbook: A Mother’s Book of Hours) by Erwin Mortier. I bought a Dutch book. Shocking, I know. It actually makes me sad to know that it took two English Booktubers to convince me that I should pick up a Flemish writer. I heard them mention translated works of Mortier on two different occasions and both BookTubers were so impressed that I decided I had to give my mother tongue another shot. No pressure there, Mortier, but you might convince me to return to the Dutch language…

Make a piece of furniture myself

Last time I mentioned I wanted to make my own bench for our hallway (and for when we have more guests than chairs) and I did! Well, I put together an Ikea bench… I really was planning to make a bench, but Ikea brought out a furniture series of Acacia wood and the bench was only €39,99. There was no way I could make a bench from scratch for a prize so low! I’ll need to find another project…

As always, not a lot of finished challenges in this 27 in 27 update, but still, progress. :)

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  • Reply Le petit requin October 26, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    Raar toch he, hoe dat diploma niet verdienen of niet behaald hebben onbewust blijkbaar een soort schrik is? 🙂 Ik droom meestal dat ik al aan het werk ben en dat er dan plots iemand mijn diploma komt vragen en dat dan blijkt dat ik mijn thesis eigenlijk helemaal nog niet heb afgewerkt en dus ook geen diploma heb, aaargh 🙂 Mijn vriend droomt soms dan weer het scenario dat jij beschrijft: dat de univ plots beseft dat ze een fout gemaakt hebben en het diploma ongedaan maakt.
    Maar aangezien je dat diploma wel degelijk voor eeuwig en altijd hebt: hoera en proficiat! 🙂

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