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2016 agenda: the printables and assembling your notebook

Last year I made my first agenda and I really liked it! After using this agenda for almost a year, I realised it didn’t quite fit all my needs. There were parts of the agenda I almost didn’t use and parts that weren’t big enough for everything I wanted to put in them. So, for the 2016 agenda I made a brand new design!

I already put the how to for the Midori Traveler’s Notebook styled cover online yesterday and I also talked a bit about how the Midori Notebook worked, but today I’m going to show you!

The agenda contains of six folders of each eight sheets of double folded A4 sized paper (= 32 pages in a folder). Each folder has two months in it. You can find the files somewhere down bellow in this post. There you can also find some extra information on printing the files.


Folding the pages

After you’ve printed all the inserts, it’s time to start finishing them! The files are designed in such a way that you don’t have to trim them, you just have to fold all of you printed pages double. You can use a bone folder to make an extra nice, flat, crease.

When all the pages are folded, start making the folders. Each folder contains two months printed on eight sheets of paper. You have to put the double folded page into each other, making a small booklet.

When you’re done, you have six neatly creased folders. You can leave them like this, but I decided I wanted to make my folders stayed together firmly, so should they ever slip out the cover the lose pages wouldn’t be all over the place.

2016_Agenda_Inserts_03 2016_Agenda_Inserts_04

Sewing the folders

I decided sewing them together would be the best way to go. You can either sew them by hand or, if you have a sewing machine, put them under the machine.

2016_Agenda_Inserts_05 2016_Agenda_Inserts_07

I picked a nice colourful thread, as there is no colour in the original prints. Sewing them together with my sewing machine was  very easy! I wasn’t sure the folders weren’t too thick, but my sewing machine didn’t complain. Afterwards you’ll have to change your needle though, because sewing paper makes it dull.

2016_Agenda_Inserts_09 2016_Agenda_Inserts_011

Arranging the 2016 agenda

When the preparation of your folders is finished, it’s time to put them in the cover. As I’ve explained in the how to of making the cover I’ve chosen to put three elastic bands in my cover. Each elastic band can easily hold three booklets with the help of some extra elastic bands. You can either use simple household elastic bands or make some of your own using the extra elastic band left over from making the cover of the agenda.


I’ve started by putting the last three folders of my agenda on the middle elastic band. With your booklet in the right order, you put the middle booklet (in this case ‘September’) under you elastic band by folding it open and putting it under the band.


You put the other two folders in the correct order before and after the already attached folder. Open them both up in the middle and sandwich the middle folder in between. Take your extra elastic bands and put an elastic band around the two halves of the unattached folders.


After putting the first three folders in the cover, you can go on and put the other ones on the first elastic band in your cover in the same way. The last elastic band in the cover remains empty, because that one is going to be used for adding some extras!


Adding extra’s

I put three elastic bands on my Midori styled cover. This means I can put at least 9 different folders in the cover (probably even more, if I use more elastic bands or binder clips). The agenda consists only of six folders, so I had some extra space to fiddle around with. I made some quick extras for my agenda, but I’m sure the content of these extras might change during the year, depending on what I need most in my agenda.


I found an old lined notebook (from when my mom was little) I thought would fit inside the cover. I also folded some drawing paper (180g/m²) into a booklet  and I also made a quick double envelope (based on this tutorial) for filing extra papers and lose things like tickets or cards.


I fitted all these things into the notebook in the same way as I’ve put the agenda folders in. I’ve put the sketchbook paper on the third elastic band in the cover and next added the double envelope and the old notebook using and elastic band.


The 2016 agenda printables

Bellow are the printables for the agenda, but first, let me give you a small overview of the different pages you can find in the agenda. When you click on the images you’ll be able to see a larger version.


Each month starts of with a title pages, containing hand drawn illustrations. I wanted to put some colour in my agenda, put I also wanted to be able to print it cheaply. Printing full colour pages isn’t cheap at all, that’s why I decided to add colouring pages to my agenda. This way it’s cheap to print, you have some relaxing colouring work you can do when you feel like it and you’ll have a super personal and colourful agenda.

Agenda2016_mock-up_04 Agenda2016_mock-up_03

Next you’ll find a monthly overview, followed by a spread where you can add a to do list, make plans, jot down ideas and notes and plan you meals for each week of the month. Oh, and where you can keep track of your to-be-read books for that month.


The actual day planner consists of a weekly overview, which has lots of space for taking notes and putting down appointments and which has also a small space for a daily ‘to-do’ list.

Some months will also have an extra spread where you can write down more to-do’s, put your wishlists, random notes, blog ideas, happy thoughts, long-term goals and make a sketch if you should feel like it.


Some technical information about size and printing options

Using double folded A4 paper means the agenda is a bit larger than A5 (148mm x 210mm) size, which makes this a fairly large agenda. I wanted a lot of space in my agenda to write down to do lists and to put down ideas and appointments. When I’m on the go I don’t always take my agenda with me, it stays on my desk a lot of the time, where it lies open. I know the size will be too big for some people, so I’ve made two different sets of downloadable files.

I’ve printed my agenda on 80g/m² paper in a copy centre. The copiers where a bit crap, so I got some distortion on my illustrations. Make sure you use standard/high settings when printing for the best results. You should enable double sided printing. I’m not sure if this would be universally correct, but I enabled “flip on short side”. The only way to find out is to test print a couple of pages before printing everything.

The A5 files (without crop marks)

The 2016 agenda consists of six .pdf files that you’ll have to print double sided. I’ve put them into a .zip file, so make sure you have a program to extract the files. The files without crop marks are to be printed full sized. There is no need to trim them. This version of the agenda will be, cover included, 175mm x 235mm.

Download the 2016 Agenda Printables

Depending on your printer or copier you’ll be able to print them without resizing them to fit the page. My printer at home can print to the edge of the page, the printer in the copy centre couldn’t and took out bits of the illustrations. You’ll have to make a test print to see what fits your printer best.

 The scalable files (with crop marks)

This set is resized to 90% and has crop marks (but no bleed), so you can resize the file further when you print it to any size you want (smaller than an A4 sized paper) and you can nicely trim the pages.

These files with crop marks can be printed full size on A4 paper. In that case they’re 90% of the original and you’ll have to trim them. You can also resize the files further, but note that I haven’t designed the files for printing them smaller, so I’m not sure how small you can go. I tried printing these at 80% and they still looked OK. Make some test prints first!

Download the 2016 Agenda Printables


The complete 2016 agenda

Because I love my new agenda/fauxdori notebook so much, I took way too many pictures (cursing heavily, because the weather wasn’t helping at all) and I did my best to make a selection, but I’m not sure I succeeded…


So, what do you think about the 2016 planner? I’m very happy with the final result and I can’t wait to start using it (I already started colouring a couple of pages)!


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2016 Agenda: Making a Midori Traveler’s Notebook cover

Last year, I made my first agenda from scratch. As I bound it by hand, it was a very time-consuming work, but I loved it although it didn’t fit all my needs. I needed something more flexible. So this year, I’m making a Midori Traveler’s Notebook inspired agenda for 2016.

A Midori what? A Midori Traveler’s Notebook or a Midori Traveler’s Journal is a Japanese type of notebook that consists of a leather cover and separate inner folders. The cover has at least one elastic band under which you can put a folder. Then, by means of more elastic bands or binder clips you connect all the other folders to each other. This way of putting a notebook together gives you a lot of room to make it your own. You decide how to put your notebook together and which elements it needs to contain and which it doesn’t need. When you search for Midori Traveler’s Notebook on Pinterest you can find a lot of examples and inspiration.

A leather Midori Traveler's Notebook styled cover

I really liked this way of putting a notebook together and thought it would be pretty awesome if my 2016 agenda was put together like this. I’d be able to adds lots of extras whenever I needed them (like drawing paper or extra notebooks or special to do lists) and it’d be really easy to discard of past months.

Some of the supplies for making the cover of the Midori Traveler's Notebook: leather, marker and a steel ruler

Materials needed for the Midori Traveler’s Notebook

Before I start talking about how to put the cover together, let me tell you what you’ll need:

  • a piece of leather of at least 370mm x 235mm (that is, if you want to make my A5 agenda, if you want something smaller, you’ll have to do the math ;))
  • sharp x-acto knife
  • metal ruler
  • black marker
  • elastic band (about 1 mm thick, about 3m long)
  • big sewing needle
  • a leather hole punch or a nail (and a hammer)

I used leather for my cover, because I wanted to make a cover that would last. When I stop using it as an agenda, it’ll make an awesome notebook or sketchbook. I bought my leather in a local shop in Ghent, called Reyne (on the Nederkouter 121). They sell their discarded pieces and scraps of leather. I managed to pick up the priciest piece in the shop. It was this thick brown leather that felt awesome and is normally used for making gear for horses. The shop owner assured me this leather would last at least 20 years and I decided to buy the piece, even though it was €20.

I know not everybody wants to use leather, so I added an alternative, leather-free, version at the bottom of this post.

Some of the supplies for making the cover of the Midori Traveler's Notebook: hammer and an awl

Making the cover

Putting the notebook cover together is fairly straightforward. You start by cutting your piece of leather to size.  The inside pages of the agenda will be A5 (148mm x 210mm) so the cover has to be a bit bigger. You need to take at least twice the width of your paper (148 x 2) and add the height of your stack of folders to it (+ 35 mm) and then add some extra because your cover really needs to hang at least 10mm  – 15mm over your inside folders (+ 15mm x 2). I then added 10 mm extra for good measure.

For the height of the cover I took the height of my folders and added 12mm on each side, because that’s the point where I wanted my elastic band to come out of the cover. My final measurements for my cover where:  370mm width x 235mm height.

Draw your cover measurements on the leather. Measure twice. Then use a sharp x-acto knife to cut it out. Make sure you put a cutting mat under your piece of leather before you start.

Punching the holes in the leather cover for the Midori Traveler's Journal styled agenda

Punching the holes for the elastic bands

When the leather is cut, it’s time to pierce some holes for the elastic bands. I decided I wanted three elastic bands in my cover. This way I could put at least three folders in the cover without needing extra materials to keep them in place and it also means I can easily fit nine folders (three per elastic band) in this cover when I use three extra elastic bands.

I only need two elastic bands for the agenda, because it consists of six folders, but I wanted the extra band for the extra materials I want to put in my Midori Notebook. Whether you want one or three elastic bands in your cover, the execution is pretty much the same.

Punching the holes in the leather cover: where to punch to holes

Start by finding the middle of your cover when it’s lying open. Draw a line from top to bottom. Then measure 12mm from the top and 12mm from the bottom of the cover on a horizontal line. Where the horizontal line meets the middle make a mark, both on the bottom and top of the cover. Now put another horizontal line bellow the line at the top and above the line at the bottom. The lines should be 15mm apart.

Make another mark where the horizontal line crosses the line in the middle of the cover. This is where the first elastic band should go. On the middle of your cover, find the middle between the inner holes. Make another mark for a hole here. I put the holes for the second and third elastic band on 10mm of either side of the middle band.

Getting your elastic bands into place by using a needle and an extra piece of thread

Putting in the elastic bands

We’re almost there! When you’ve punched the holes, it’s time to get your elastic band and your sewing needle. You can’t get the elastic band through the needle, because the eye is too small, so you’ll have to make a bigger eye with some thread. Make a loop (see picture above) and then put your elastic band through the thread.

Putting the elastic bands in the leather cover

Put your needle (and elastic band) through one of the holes closest near the edge of the cover. Work from the inside to the outside. On the outside make a stitch from the first to the second hole. On the inside you make another stitch to the next hole. When you’re attaching the elastic band in the middle of the cover you have to make a loop on the outside that can go around the notebook. Go to the next hole, making a small stitch. On the inside make a knot in the elastic band, pulling it rather tight. The cover will curl a bit. Repeat this for each elastic band.

Putting the elastic bands in the leather cover
Putting the elastic bands in the leather cover

You finished your cover! In my next post you can find the printables for the 2016 agenda and all the information on how to put your agenda together + on adding extras.

The 2016 agenda: a handmade Midori Traveler's Notebook cover and fitting inserts The 2016 agenda: a handmade Midori Traveler's Notebook cover and fitting inserts

Alternative versions

I know not everybody is a fan of using leather, whatever the reason. Before I found my piece of leather I also tried making a Midori Traveler’s Notebook in an alternative fashion. I used a piece of oilcloth, some Decovil, a piece of cotton and bias binding.

I ironed the Decovil onto the cotton fabric and then attempted to glue the other side of the Decovil and the oilcloth together. I tried using Mod Podge for this, which has worked for me on many occasions, but failed me this time. It barely stuck together and I decided to add the bias tape so the pieces stayed put.

Alternative to the leather Midori Traveler's Notebook: a cover from fabric and oil cloth

Afterwards I added the elastic band. I didn’t know it at the time, put this elastic band was a bit thicker than the one I used on the leather journal, which made putting it into place a lot harder. I wouldn’t recommend using such a thick elastic band.

Alternative to the leather Midori Traveler's Notebook: a cover from fabric and oil clothAlternative to the leather Midori Traveler's Notebook: a cover from fabric and oil cloth

If you don’t like the feel of the plastic cover or you don’t know how to sew you can also use thick wool felt. You can prepare and put it together in much of the same way as the leather cover.

A leather-free Midori Traveler's Notebook and a handmade leather Midori Traveler's NotebookA leather-free Midori Traveler's Notebook and a handmade leather Midori Traveler's Notebook

If you read everything until now: wow! You really want to make this notebook, don’t you? If you have any questions or something isn’t very clear, let me know in the comments below!

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Workspace Wednesday

I worked hard on a couple of DIY projects these past weeks, but alas, nothing is finished yet (although all are “almost”). I’m very excited about these projects and wanted to give a little sneak peek as to what projects have occupied my workspace.

I worked hard on my 2016 agenda, which is now finished! If it wasn’t for the bad weather and the lack of light, I would’ve finished my DIY post today, but you can expect the (first) post tomorrow! It’s always nice when you finish a big project and I’m really happy I finished this one. I did underestimate making the illustrations for each month a bit.

Workspace Wednesday - Some projects I'm working onWorkspace Wednesday - taking breaks with homemade cake

I also got some other DIY’s upon my sleeve. Most of them are Christmas themed. Hopefully the weather will be nice the next couple of days, so I can get on photographing everything. Apart from all the DIY-ing and crafting, I also made cake. Which was awesome. 😉

Workspace Wednesday - Working on the 2016 agenda Workspace Wednesday - Working on the 2016 agenda

I also put some extra effort in my photography, I don’t know if you can tell? Hopefully you can (although, not all my photos are up to the standard I want them to be). I try to keep the information from Shoot! in the back of my mind and I think I can see some progress…

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Doing 12 Dates of December!

12 Dates of December = 12 dates in December. As we have a lot of family party’s in December, it's nice to make some extra time for your significant other.

Last year’s December was all kinds of not fun for a lot of different reasons. So I decided I wanted to make this year’s December a more memorable month for all the right reasons. I also wanted to do something special with the Boy, so when I stumbled upon A Cup of Life’s 12 Dates of December post of last year, I had found my plan!

Doing 12 Dates of December is exactly what it sounds like: 12 dates in December. As we have a lot of family parties in December, I thought it would be nice to also make some extra time for each other. Luckily the Boy immediately liked the idea of doing 12 Dates of December!

12 Dates of December - All dates hung in two rows with some twine

We gave ourselves some time to think about date ideas. Then one night, whilst watching Firefly (what’s better for setting a holiday mood than some space cowboys?), we each picked and wrote down our date ideas. We could both pick six ideas, without telling each other what those dates would be. I wrote down all the even numbers, the Boy picked the uneven ones.

12 Dates of December - Carefully writing down our dates

We added some extra rules:

  • we each can spent €20 on our dates (which meant we also had to add some free/cheap dates, which made coming up with them a little bit harder)
  • if your date was already picked once before, you have to come up with a new one

Although we haven’t started yet, we already know we both wrote down the same date as our first and second date of December. Apparently we’re both really exited about picking out and decorating a Christmas tree! As we never had one before, I can’t blame us.

Some supplies for wrapping and writing our dates. I used tissue paper and washi tape for wrapping. We wrote our dates down on some white stock paper using ProMarkers. 12 Dates of December - More supplies for wrapping our dates. Black and white and green and white striped tissue paper, black washi tape and twine. I used my favourite pair of scissors from Hay.

We wrote the dates down and wrapped them nicely. The process of deciding on the dates and then writing them down, shielding them from each other, was a lot of fun on it’s own. And the wrapping part was quite hilarious, as the Boy was complaining loudly how hard this was. We put the dates up next to our dining table, so they’re one of the first things we’ll see in the morning. Whenever we feel like it, we can pick a date.

12 Dates of December - All dates are neatly hung next to our dining table12 Dates of December - All dates are neatly hung next to our dining table

The whole process of picking our dates made me very exited to start unwrapping the first one! I’m also very curious what the Boy picked, it almost makes me want to take a peek under the wrapping paper…


Last Week: Boekenbeurs & DIY’s in the making

On Sunday, I try to post a little overview in pictures, of the last (two) weeks! The past weeks have been rather productive and filled with highs (and sadly also lows).

IMG_20151102_201621I went to the Antwerp Boekenbeurs, the biggest bookevent in Belgium. It ended on Wednesday and I was planning on writing a post on Saturday about the Boekenbeurs, containing some thoughts on the whole event, but then, Paris happened and I didn’t feel like writing at all… I did have fun at the Boekenbeurs and I might go again next year, because I really like flipping though all those pretty books.

IMG_20151106_141927 IMG_20151107_111215Some of our kitties made it onto Instagram this week. First, Loki was sleeping so cutely I had to snap a picture. Schröding sneaked into a photo of my desk lamp makeover, also because he was way to cute to not put him in the picture.

IMG_20151107_171654 IMG_20151110_131259Although the leaves started falling (I could know, I had to drag away a lot of them at my parents’ house), it still didn’t feel like real fall. It was 20°C when I was raking leaves, which is way too hot for early November! It being fall does mean I can enjoy home grown apples again (no pesticides!) and I also got this pretty marble cutting board from my grandma (and we also feasted on Belgian waffles, as it was close to 11.11, which is tradition in our family).

IMG_20151112_164251Look at those pretty books! I saw Shoot! at the Boekenbeurs, but didn’t buy it, because I also had a coupon for, which I couldn’t keep myself from using when I saw the new illustrated Harry Potter being very cheap. An even warned me about the price drop when she saw it, which was pretty awesome. I don’t mind at all if readers tell me when I should get a new book! ^_^

IMG_20151113_102418 IMG_20151113_223607I got a very bad headache this week, which made it hard to look at my computer screen for an afternoon, so I spent my day dabbling in paper clay and working on some new DIY’s. It also (finally!) gotten a little bit colder. On Friday I even got caught in a very cold downpour, which made me smile like an idiot. It’s finally autumn! (please, weather, stay cold and wet, thank you)

IMG_20151114_173428On Friday night I was about to settle down with a book, when I saw a glimpse of the late evening news. I just caught the last five seconds, but I heard “Paris” and “dreadful events”. I spent the rest of the evening following everything on Twitter, feeling so angry, sad and appalled. On Saturday I didn’t do much. I spent a lot of time catching pieces of news and thinking about the events that happened. I have a lot of thoughts about the events, but this post isn’t the place to discuss them.

12DatesDecemberOn Saturday evening the Boy and I each wrote down six dates for December (about which I’ll talk more later). Doing something as simple as making this, carefully wrapping each date made me exited for December and the holidays! I could use a December with happy memories, as last years’ December sucked on so many levels.

read: I started The Picture of Dorian Gray, which isn’t an easy book to fly through, apparently. A lot of pretty sentences though. I’ve been wanting to highlight almost everything. I also read the last volume of Locke & Key. Awesome ending to a great series.
watched: a lot of QI and more Firefly! I like Firefly so far, although it isn’t what I was expecting.

What have you been up? 


The Martian: Page vs Screen

Page versus Screen - The Martian

The Martian is one of those books that has been hyped a lot on the internet. I can remember hearing about it in a video, in which I also discovered the book would become a movie. Wow, that’s a lot of pressure for one book! It took me a couple of months to get to the book, but in September I finally read it. And now that I’ve also seen the movie I need the talk about it.

The book

The Martian is a science-fiction book (“Mars” in Dutch), with a heavy emphasis on the science part. But it’s also very humorous and optimistic. Which is quite a feat, considering the main character is stuck on Mars and has little chance of survival.

The book begins when the main character, Mark Watney, gets stuck on Mars. He and his crew are on a mission on Mars when they need to leave in a hurry. Mark gets hit by a communication antennae and when his bio-monitor flattens, his crew mates believe him dead. Mark isn’t dead of course and after discovering he’s the only man on Mars, he needs to figure out how to survive.

This could’ve been a very boring book, but it wasn’t! Mark is a very funny and upbeat character and he takes the reader with him on his quest of survival. He tackles the obstacles that come his way very good natured and even when he’s made terrible mistakes, he manages to make fun of them.

They way the book is written made the story seem very realistic to me. Partially because it’s just a good story, but also because there’s a lot of science in the book. I admit, sometimes my eyes glazed over when the author started talking chemistry, but these parts (and others scienc-y parts, it’s not just chemistry) made the book feel very real.

Actions had very real consequence. Not thinking thing through fully also had very real consequences. And sometimes, there’s just bad luck. Also explained very scientifically and in a way that made you realise something bad was going to happen and you could only keep your breath and cross your fingers and read on…

So yes, this book was worth it’s hype for me. I love reading it and I can only recommend it! You shouldn’t be nervous about it being a science-fiction book, it’s mostly a humorous survival book that happens to take place on Mars. It could’ve also been a desert island, but it happened to be giant red rock in space.

The Martian Movie

The Movie

I was quite disappointed with the Martian movie. Maybe this is one of those examples where you should first watch the movie and enjoy it, not knowing anything about the story. Then, afterwards you can read the book and be blown away by how much funnier and event-fuller it is. Which is my main complain with the movie. Not funny enough and not enough things happen.

I really enjoyed reading the Martian and I loved Mark Watney’s voice and sense of humour in the book. In the movie I found this lacking. There also happen so many things in the book, which aren’t in the movie. I was waiting for those things to happen and when they didn’t, I felt disappointed. The book made the whole living on Mars experience feel real and hard. It was survival. The movie made it look like it was a piece of cake.

I did liked the ending of the movie though, well most of it. Hollywood made it unnecessary long (you know that thing they do with uncertain movie endings where they put an “after the ending” part into a movie? To make sure everybody really really really understands this was a happy ending? They did this for Pride and Prejudice too, which I absolutely hated!) and they’d put a bit of unnecessary space antics in it, but it was also really thrilling and it made the movie a lot better.

As I’ve said: if you want to see the movie, do it before you read the book. It won’t make the book look boring or soft. If you’ve read the book, know that the movie in no way lives up to the story. If you’re okay with this, go watch it. Otherwise, just, you know, reread the book.

Has any of you read the book or seen the movie? Or both? What did you think?

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How to: Desk Lamp Makeover

When we moved into our house and started cleaning out the basement, I found this old desk lamp. I liked the style, but the colour was a bit ‘meh’ and the electrical wire needed replacement. So I added ‘desk lamp makeover’ to the everlasting ‘projects I want to do someday’-list. When I started planning my mason jar lamp tutorial, I knew I finally could give the desk lamp a second life!

I started off by giving the desk lamp a good dust down. As I was planning on dismantling the lamp completely, I made lots of pictures. When you think you’ve made enough pictures, make some more from different angles! I didn’t do this thoroughly enough and puzzling the pieces together afterwards, wasn’t an easy task!

Desk Lamp Makeover - Materials that are needed

Before you start, collect all of the things you need. I wanted to rewire and repaint the lamp, so I bought some coloured fabric electrical cable and a plug. I didn’t need a light switch, because there was a mechanism connected to the original lamp fitting. I also bought spray paint. Other than this, you’ll probably need screwdrivers and a wrench.

Lamp makeover - Using spray paint

After taking the desk lamp apart, I sanded all the pieces lightly and than cleaned them thoroughly. I also taped off the pieces I couldn’t remove and didn’t want to spray. I sprayed my desk lamp multiple times, trying to put light coats on it. After a couple of coats on the first day I let it dry for almost 24 hours. Then I sanded the places I screwed up and put on some extra coats.

I figured the screws probably were brass and it would be nice to get them shining again. I put them in some yoghurt, as I read this would work as a mild acid. Afterwards I wasn’t completely satisfied with the result (I think rinsing them in between and putting them back into the yoghurt, maybe letting them sit longer would’ve given a better result), so I also sanded them down.

Desk lamp makeover - Reassembling the desk lamp

After the screws were sanded and all the paint was dry, it was time to put the lamp together again! Unlike Humpty Dumpty, I did manage to put all the pieces together. It took me a while to figure things out, but in the end, I managed.

Putting in the new electrical wire was a piece of cake, after my first experience putting lamps together. If you need more information about rewiring lamps, I suggest you take a look at my Mason Jar Lamp Tutorial.

Desk Lamp Makeover

Before I knew it, I was enjoying my new desk lamp! This lamp makeover was a lot quicker than I’d anticipated and seeing the result, it was worth it. I love my new, colourful, desk lamp!

Desk Lamp MakeoverDesk Lamp Makeover

Project costs: second hand desk lamp, €0 – spray paint, €9,50  (to be honest, this should be €0, as I bought the spray paint a long time ago for a different project) – 3 metres of fabric electrical cable, €11,97 – plug, €2,25.


October Reading Wrap-Up

October has been a great reading month! I’ve read 12 books, graphic novels and short stories, which is quite impressive. Even though I read this well, I didn’t finish my October TBR, as some books took me a long time to finish.

Ok, first a little reminder, before we dive into the October reading wrap-up. This is what my TBR for October looked like (just add the imaginary copies of The Grisha Trilogy and The Martian):

October TBR pile

Yes, I wasn’t planning on taking it easy this month. Also, what is life without some impossible improbable (Oh, Nikolai, you stuck with me) goals? At the beginning of the month I made great progress. Then, I started reading Siege and Storm and about 60 pages in, I stopped. I didn’t like the way the story was heading at all and I needed a break.

Two weeks later, it was clear I was just sulking. So I started reading again. If only I’d kept on reading a couple of pages more, I would’ve finished The Grisha trilogy two weeks ago! I finished the second book the same day. I’ll probably do a series review when I’m finished with the third. I’m also rather curious about Six of Crows now. I’ve heard Bardugo’s writing in this new book is even better….

As for the things I’ve read, I made a list:

I’m currently reading The Night Circus and listening to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which means I didn’t get to Burial Rites and Habibi at all. So those four books are already on my November TBR. I also want to read The Picture of Dorian Gray, Carry On and Mathilda and I’ll probably read some extra graphic novels too. I’ve already got Asterios Polyp from the library!

What did you read in October? Any new discoveries you want to recommend?


Last Week

On Sunday, I try to post a little overview in pictures, of the last week! The last twee weeks I’ve been a crafty little bee, finishing & working on projects that I have been wanting to work on for forever!

I posted a lot less pictures then I thought I did though. Even though I tried photographing and posting more than other weeks. Bummer. I do like making pictures, I just seem to forget constantly that I always have a camera with me.

Last Week I made an Instagram photo booklet

I did post my finished Instagram Photo Booklet on Instagram. I’m trying to make more use of social media, putting a little bit more care in my photos and trying to comment more on peoples most. Yes, trying, as social media don’t come as naturally to me as I would want. I’m awkward, even on the internet. :p

Last Week I gave an old lamp an upgrade

One of the projects I’ve been wanting to do for-like-ever. I’ve found this old desk lamp in our basement when we moved in and decided I would give it a second life. That was almost four years ago. But, here we are! The lamp got a new coat of paint, new wiring and I’ve stared at it fondly almost every day since.

Last Week I did some handwritten typography

I had a couple of ideas for illustrated quotes I wanted to elaborate. I’m secretly dreaming of putting these on mugs or tote bags or something. I have a tote bag with a cool bookish quote and I wouldn’t mind owning more.

Last week I went shopping and did a mini haul on Instagram

I started going to the library again! I used to be an avid visitor of libraries, but that came to a grinding halt when I started studying in Ghent. I’m quite happy I rediscovered them, although I don’t really like the library in Ghent. It’s always stuffy and way too hot inside. There is also the problem of the books I want always being lent out. So after a bit of a disappointing library visit, finding only two of the books I wanted, I went on a little shopping spree. The giant crochet hook was a necessity. The chocolate (Dille & Kamille, so yum!) and the plant where unavoidable.

Last week I worked on my 2016 agenda

I also worked on my 2016 agenda. I put a sneak peek on the blog on Wednesday and I really want to finish it soon. I can’t wait to have the finished product in my grubby little hands, stroking the leather and beaming at the pretty title pages.

Last Week I made eggs in a basket!

Last Week I spent some time in the Ghent city centre, enjoying the weather!

I made eggs in a basket on Saturday (or eggs in a casket, as they should be named on Halloween) for the first time. Really liked this, so now I’ve started dreaming of doing brunches on Saturday mornings. In the afternoon we enjoyed the view of the Ghent city centre and went to the STAM museum. I loved learning about the history of Ghent, it was quite fascinating!

read: After ignoring the book for about two weeks, I finished Siege and Storm. I also read: Ergens Waar je niet wilt zijn, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (audiobook) and Fables: Deluxe Edition, Book 1. I’m currently devouring Ruin and Rising.
watched: a lot of QI and we finally started Firefly! So excited!

What have you been up?