Last Week: Boekenbeurs & DIY’s in the making

On Sunday, I try to post a little overview in pictures, of the last (two) weeks! The past weeks have been rather productive and filled with highs (and sadly also lows).

IMG_20151102_201621I went to the Antwerp Boekenbeurs, the biggest bookevent in Belgium. It ended on Wednesday and I was planning on writing a post on Saturday about the Boekenbeurs, containing some thoughts on the whole event, but then, Paris happened and I didn’t feel like writing at all… I did have fun at the Boekenbeurs and I might go again next year, because I really like flipping though all those pretty books.

IMG_20151106_141927 IMG_20151107_111215Some of our kitties made it onto Instagram this week. First, Loki was sleeping so cutely I had to snap a picture. Schröding sneaked into a photo of my desk lamp makeover, also because he was way to cute to not put him in the picture.

IMG_20151107_171654 IMG_20151110_131259Although the leaves started falling (I could know, I had to drag away a lot of them at my parents’ house), it still didn’t feel like real fall. It was 20°C when I was raking leaves, which is way too hot for early November! It being fall does mean I can enjoy home grown apples again (no pesticides!) and I also got this pretty marble cutting board from my grandma (and we also feasted on Belgian waffles, as it was close to 11.11, which is tradition in our family).

IMG_20151112_164251Look at those pretty books! I saw Shoot! at the Boekenbeurs, but didn’t buy it, because I also had a coupon for, which I couldn’t keep myself from using when I saw the new illustrated Harry Potter being very cheap. An even warned me about the price drop when she saw it, which was pretty awesome. I don’t mind at all if readers tell me when I should get a new book! ^_^

IMG_20151113_102418 IMG_20151113_223607I got a very bad headache this week, which made it hard to look at my computer screen for an afternoon, so I spent my day dabbling in paper clay and working on some new DIY’s. It also (finally!) gotten a little bit colder. On Friday I even got caught in a very cold downpour, which made me smile like an idiot. It’s finally autumn! (please, weather, stay cold and wet, thank you)

IMG_20151114_173428On Friday night I was about to settle down with a book, when I saw a glimpse of the late evening news. I just caught the last five seconds, but I heard “Paris” and “dreadful events”. I spent the rest of the evening following everything on Twitter, feeling so angry, sad and appalled. On Saturday I didn’t do much. I spent a lot of time catching pieces of news and thinking about the events that happened. I have a lot of thoughts about the events, but this post isn’t the place to discuss them.

12DatesDecemberOn Saturday evening the Boy and I each wrote down six dates for December (about which I’ll talk more later). Doing something as simple as making this, carefully wrapping each date made me exited for December and the holidays! I could use a December with happy memories, as last years’ December sucked on so many levels.

read: I started The Picture of Dorian Gray, which isn’t an easy book to fly through, apparently. A lot of pretty sentences though. I’ve been wanting to highlight almost everything. I also read the last volume of Locke & Key. Awesome ending to a great series.
watched: a lot of QI and more Firefly! I like Firefly so far, although it isn’t what I was expecting.

What have you been up? 

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