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I wasn’t very active on Instagram these last weeks. Somehow, posting pictures wasn’t on my mind, although I did take quite some. I even tried doing a photo-an-hour, which I failed. I wasn’t doing something photogenic every hour and I completely forgot snapping pictures when I was. Some day I’ll be able to do a photo-an-hour, but until then, you’ll have to put up with these biweekly posts.

Wrapping the 12 Dates of December cards with our dates on Finishing the 2016 Agenda

I spent a lot of time behind my desk, working on the 2016 agenda and other DIY projects. I forgot how much fun this could be, just working on my own projects.

Last week I finished my Midori style 2016 agenda! My Midori style 2016 agenda!

I finally finished the 2016 agenda (some projects can take too long and then you’re just happy you can pull it off and finish things up :p).

Putting together a fake Christmas tree for the greater good. I mean, for keeping up appearances on the blog.

I tried making a fake Christmas tree with a pine tree branch and some of the Boy’s weights. It did work, but I’m not sure I want to keep this branch as our Christmas tree. Because of harsh contrasts in the light I couldn’t take decent pictures of my Christmas ornaments in the tree though.

Cheese + wine + movie night was our first 12 Dates of December Date! Cheese + wine + movie night was our first 12 Dates of December Date!

The Boy and I started out 12 Dates of December “project” last week! We skipped date 1 & 2 (buying and putting up a Christmas tree & decorations), because Ikea didn’t start selling tree until December 5th. We didn’t want to wait until after December 5th to start our 12 Dates (eager as we were), so we picked up the next in line. It was one of the Boy’s and it said “Cheese + wine + movie night”. And that’s exactly what we did. We watched Serenity and Inside Out and had an awesome evening. 🙂

Last week I made a flantaart my grandma would be proud ofHomemade cookies that look a lot like my homemade Christmas ornaments

Last Week I also had a reunion party with some of my high school friends. It had been so long since we got together and it was a wonderful evening (of which I have no photographic proof, even though all the food was awesome and IG worthy). I baked a flantaart (some sort of sweet custard pie) according to my grandma’s recipe. I used the leftover of the shortcrust pastry to bake some cookie, that look very much like my Christmas ornaments. I love flantaart. *sighs dreamily* So simple and creamy. Yum.

Been a good girl and got lot's of presents from SinterklaasBeen a good girl and got lot's of presents from Sinterklaas

It was December 6th yesterday, which means we had Sinterklaas! This year I’ve been very good (apparently so) and I’ve got the complete set of Harry Potter books in Dutch! I didn’t have a Harry Potter set of my own (I had a shared set with my brother) and now I have one! I reread all the book recently (in audiobook version) and I want to reread the Dutch ones now… I also got Dagelijkse Kost: mijn 200 klassiekers (which means inspiration for every dinner party I’m throwing in 2016 and beyond!) and lot’s of chocolade ventjes. #overexcited

How has your week been? Did Sinterklaas stop at your house?

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