27 in 27 [update 5]

27 in 27 - Update 5

Happy holidays everyone! Only one month left to complete my 27 in 27 challenge! I wish I made more progress, but life tends to get in the way (as it always seems to do). There still are a lot of “work in progress” things on my list and a lot that just won’t happen. But first, let’s talk about some of the (almost) finished challenges on my 27 in 27 list!

Buy a book in a local/independent book store every month

The past two months I’ve bought Vuil Vel at the Boekenbeurs. Buying a from the publisher isn’t completely the same as buying a book from an independent book store, but close. I also got Timeline (Tijdlijn) from the Boy, which he bought at a local bookstore.

In December I bought Oblomov at Boekhandel Walry on independent bookstore day. I also got a copy of Voorbeelden van verdriet for free. Oblomov is a book I once tried reading (I was 16 of 17), but I never managed to get beyond page 40. It has haunted me ever since. It’s my ultimate Unfinished Book.  I even put “reading Oblomov” on one of my earlier birthday to do lists, but I never got to it. I guess I know what I’ll put on next year’s list.

Watch 27 new (to me) movies (24/27)

After we watched the complete Firefly series (which isn’t that comprehensive sadly), the Boy and I immediately wanted to watch the movie Serenity. And so we did. I liked the movie as much as the series an I was very sad to see the “end” screen. Maybe someday there will be more space cowboy series to enjoy. Until then, I’ll just have to rewatch the series and the movie. I also saw The Martian in the cinema. I wasn’t too impressed with this movie, as you could read in the page vs. screen review I wrote.

I also finally watched Inside Out! I love animated movies and I grew up watching (and loving) Disney movies. I quite liked Inside Out. It was a very deep movie and I loved all the references to psychology. I even cried a bit, but it wasn’t the best Disney/Pixar movie out there.

I’ve got only three movies to go to finish this challenge, so that should be all right. Especially since I haven’t seen the last two Hunger Games movies and there seems to be a new Star Wars movie.

27 in 27 - make 12 illustrations

Make 12 illustrations

I thought I wouldn’t get to this one, until I remembered I made 12 different illustrations for my 2016 agenda! I also made a couple of illustrations for my course illustration and comic design. Hurray for finishing off challenges without realising!

Go driving 27 times

I finished this one! Not really though. I’m cheating my way through this one. Normally my parents were planning on teaching me how to drive, but after two years of having my temporary driver’s licence and doing almost no driving, I decided it was time for bigger measures. I signed up for 20 hours of driving school, which means I should be able to drive alone in a couple of weeks. You’ve all been warned!

So, that’s it for this last 27 in 27 update! Next time, it’ll be the end of January and we can count how many things I’ve finished (and how many I’ve failed 😉 ). I’m not sure I’ll be doing a 28 in 28 list next year, I’m having a hard time coming up with challenges. I might have to rethink the concept… Is there something you really want to accomplish next year? Or something that’s been on you bucket list since for ever?

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    Hoera voor de dingen die wel al gelukt zijn! Bij mij gaat ook niet alles lukken, maar ik heb nog iets meer dan twee maanden te gaan.

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