Most popular posts of 2015 + reader survey

2015 has been quite a challenging year for me. It was also a year where I accomplished lot’s of thing and which brought quite a few changes. I went from almost not blogging to rekindling the flame and restarting the Plutomeisje blog. With 2016 peeking around the corner, I’m going to put a bit of a spotlight on some of my most popular posts of this year.

I wrote 81 blogposts in 2015, which isn’t bad considering the first half of the year was completely bonkers. Since August I’ve managed to post at least eight posts a month, with September being my most productive month as I wrote 16 blogposts! I know I’m a very irregular blogger and I’m very happy you keep coming back to read my posts between all the ups and downs and the going AWOL once in a while.

As I’m very curious to which posts you guys really like or really don’t like and what you’d like to read in the future on this blog, I made a small survey. I would be very grateful if you took a couple of minutes to answer the questions!

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1. The Midori notebook style 2016 agenda

How to make a Midori notebook style agenda for 2016

I put a lot of work in my 2016 agenda and I’m so glad everyone seems to like it. It’s my post viewed post of the year, which is quite impressive, considering I’ve only put it up at the end of November. In a couple of days I can finally start using it! #excited

2. DIY Mason Jar lamps

How to make DIY Mason Jar lamps

Another tutorial I’m still very proud of the the result is the Mason Jar Lamp tutorial. I’ve been using these lamps a lot, they’re still on my bookshelf and they’re awesome.

3. 27 in 27My 27 in 27 birthday list

My original 27 in 27 post is also quite popular, which isn’t that strange considering I’ve linked to it in every 27 in 27 update.

4. I Did the 30 Day Shred!

I did the 30 Day Shred

Yes, I started doing *some* sports this year. It all started with doing the 30 Day Shred for the first time. I can’t say it’s a complete succes, but at least I try to move my ass once in a while. I’ve also tried Six Weeks Sixpack (urgh, so much harder) and the past week I’ve started doing some Yoga with Adriene.

5. DIY Instagram Photo Booklet

How to make an Instagram Photo book

Another popular tutorial was my DIY for an Instagram Photo Book. I’m already looking forward to binding in my next stack of Instagram photos!

6. Workspace – Testing Brush Pens

Brush Pen Review - Testing out the pens in my sketchbook

I liked making the brush pen review. I’m still very much addicted to using them in my sketchbook. Maybe I’ll do some more reviews for art supplies or craft tools in the future.

7. DIY Panda Pencil Case

How to make a DIY Panda Pencil Case

I still think my DIY Panda Pencil Case is the cutest pencil case ever and I hope this little panda guy while take over the world, one cute pencil case at a time.

8. Workspace Wednesday – Some book cover designs I did for school

Some bookcovers I designed

I worked hard this year and seeing that the bookcover designs post I did about my school project is one of the the most popular is very nice knowing. I realy liked doing these covers.

What is your favourite blogpost you’ve written this year? Don’t by she about linking it in the comments. And if you’re not a blogger, who is your favourite blogger of Instagrammer?

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