2015 Favourites


With 2015 gone, it’s time for a last look book before making some new year’s resolutions. Here are a couple of my favourites things, experiences or events of the past year, in no particular order.

  1. This year I reread the Harry Potter series again, but instead or reading the physical books I listened to the audio books. I’d probably mentioned it a couple of times on this blog, Goodreads and social media, but I absolutely loved the audio books! They were narrated by Stephen Fry and he did an incredible job! Every character has a different voice and all the voice acting, the rhytm,… is done really well.
  2. I graduated as a graphic designer! After years of studying and trying to figure out what I’d like to do with my life, I still haven’t figured things out, but I do know I’d like to do this graphic design thing. It made me work hard the past two years and I’m happy to finally say goodbye to the student life.
  3. I’ve only made it once and I’ve only discovered the recipe at the end of the year, but Jeroen Meus’s recipe for white chocolatemousse pie (witte chocolademoussetaart) is to die for! I did use speculaas instead of petit beurekes  for the bottom of the pie. I can’t wait to make it again.
  4. After using Clinique’s facial cleaning products for years I was a bit fed up with the products. They didn’t seem to work for me. I searched the internet for a good alternative and in the end, when I was overwhelmed by the amount of products out there, I went to the Lush store and picked up Fresh Farmacy. I really like this product. It’s not really soap, but it feels the same and my skin seems to really love it!
  5. The ridiculous amount of books I’ve read in 2015! I’ve read 77 books, adding up to 24407 pages. The shortest book was only 16 pages, the largest 870 pages. I loved reading this amount of books, although I did stress a bit before reaching 50 books and finishing my Goodreads challenge.I read lot’s of good books and I’ve already blogged about my 15 favourite books of the year earlier this month.
  6. 2015 was the year I finally got to watching the Firefly series. Firefly is a space western. Yup. Western + space. Cowboys + spaceships. I was very sad when we reach the end of season one, because of some reason, there’s only one season. And a movie. Which hardly isn’t enough, considering the level of awesomeness.
  7. Getting back into blogging. After two years of hard work and less blogging than I’d want to, I’m very glad I’m back into it. I like writing, making things and putting them “out there” and I’ve missed it. It’d be nice if I could get into some sort of blogging routine, but that’s maybe for this year. 🙂

What were your favourite moments of 2015?

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