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2016 seems to be on speed, because, what, we’re already the 17th? Not that I mind, as my birthday is getting closer and I already had a great start to the new year! I’ve gotten a lot further into getting my driver’s license, I got a couple of awesome presents and I went to London!

Last WeekLast Week

First of, there were presents! And delicious leftovers, so the year started of great. I wrote a somewhat emotional post about the leftovers on IG, because apparently that’s what my grandmother’s food does to me.

Last Week Last Week

Look at my presents, aren’t they great? They’re also exactly what I wished for in this post. Maybe you’re wondering why I got jarred cherries: I got them with a paper stuck to saying that they ordered Grief is the Thing with Feathers but it didn’t get there in time. Opening them I went “wth?” though. :p I’ve also sorted out my TBR for January, but now I can’t seem to get into All the Light We Cannot See…

Last Week

Before the winter holidays (on December 23rd to be exact) I started my driving lessons! And on January 11th I got my paper saying I’m not completely incompetent handling a car and I can drive alone. Whoop! I’ll still have to drive around with an L on my back window for at least three months, but after that I’ll be officially able to drive!

Last Week Last Week

On Tuesday the Boy and I were off to London! We did so much walking and sightseeing, my sore feet still aren’t completely recovered. We had a blast though and I’ll probably put up a post next week telling you all about this trip.

I know my Last Week posts usually are a bit longer, but between Christmas and new year I haven’t posted a lot on Instagram so there isn’t much to show (and I’m also saving a couple of photos for future posts). How did 2016 start off for you?

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