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February 2016


Last Week 23

On Sunday I post a little overview of the past two weeks in pictures. Things have been rather quiet (especially the first week, in which I took almost no photos), with the Boy and I still feeling a bit poorly, although I did go to a job interview last week, which was a first.

Last week I finished a piece of Harry Potter fanart featuring Professor Snape

I finished the Snape fanart piece I’ve started a couple of weeks ago and I already blogged about it in my Workspace Wednesday post. I’m itching to start another piece!

Last week I went cycling through the rain

On Monday it was raining all day and of course I had to be at the other side of town to pick up some documents. It meant cycling in pouring rain for 15 minutes, being inside for 5 seconds and cycling back. I stopped on the way back at my local art supply store and treated myself.

Last week I treated myself to new art supplies

Last week’s art supply haul! I already bought a couple of pens earlier this month (all the black pens) and now I added some brushmarkers, a masking fluid marker, a white gel roller pen, new brushes and a new pencil. At Hema I bought myself a new pencil case (can’t make it myself for €2,25) and a couple of notebooks.

Last week - I got a new desk from IKEA

I also spent a night moving almost all the furniture in our workspace so I could put together a new drawer unit. I’m considering doing a desk tour, because I love my new desk set-up so much!

Last week - I went to Brussels for a job interview

On Wednesday I went to Brussels for a job interview. I don’t think it went well, but it was the first time I actually got an invitation for an interview, so baby steps! (Although comfort-zone wise this didn’t feel like baby steps 😛 )

Last week - I got myself a new desk from IKEA

My new desk set-up! Well partially, there’s another desk if you turn a bit to the right, which holds my computer stuff.

Last week - Our cat Schrödinger looked very cute in close-upLast Week - My cat Loki hurt its paw

Schrödinger close-up time! And a bit of a sad looking Loki. The poor thing has hurt its front paw and it’s quite sad to see him hobble around. Hopefully things will be better by Monday, otherwise we’ll have to go to the vet.

Read: started The Name of the Wind and The Tiger and The Wolf, finished nothing
Watched: Doctor Who season 2 (♥♥♥♥), YouTube, Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 1 (♥♥♥), Jimmy Car’s shows (♥♥)

How has your week been?

(ps: to see all my photos of the past few weeks follow me on Instagram!)

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February Favourites

I always like wrap-ups at the end of the month, especially posts where people show their favourites. So I thought I’d show you my favourites for February today!

Don’t expect fancy products or amazing new restaurants, nope, not this month. This was a month of being sick way too often and staying indoors a lot, which means I started to appreciate the small things.

February Favourites

I. Flowering orchids – My orchids all started budding in December and now they’re opening their first flowers! I always feel very accomplished when my plants start flowering or growing very well. Seeing them thriving makes me happy.

II. Frannerd – I discovered Frannerd by accident and I absolutely adore this YouTube channel by Chilean illustrator Fran Meneses. She currently lives in London and makes videos about her life as a freelance illustrator. I basically watched every video on her channel the past few days (except the ones that aren’t subtitled and are in Spanish) and I feel like a proper stalker now… Fran’s videos are full of energy and optimism and she makes me want to draw! (and this is the reason I illustrated this post, also, drawing an illustrator is stressful.)

III. Yoga with Adriene (merci, Kelly voor de tip) is another favourite of mine this month. Working out when you’ve been sick or feel poorly isn’t easy, but I’ve discovered I like yoga so much I even feel motivated when my tummy (really, isn’t there a more adult word for this in English? I feel five years old when I type “tummy” or “belly”) hurts. Adriene’s videos are perfect for a beginner like me and she isn’t to much in spiritual mumbo jumbo, which is nice.

IV. Black tea – I was never big on hot drinks. I never drink coffee and I only occasionally drank Jasmine or Apple Cinnamon Tea, but in February I discovered the Black Tea hiding in my cupboard and this has become a bit of an addiction. I’m also very bad at drinking enough water daily and making myself cup after cup of sweetened black tea really helps me get my daily dosage of liquids.

V. Being sick (and cold) a lot makes you appreciate blankets a lot. It also makes you very grateful for sleeping cats that keep you company when you feel like shit. So yes, I always like blankets, but this month they’re my favourites (cats are always my favourites!).

VI. I’ve got myself a new desk! We went to Ikea and I bought a new (high gloss) table top, a drawer unit and a trestle. After swapping the bookshelves in our hallway with those from the workspace and putting them on top or our other bookshelves I had enough space to put the extra desk up. I planned on combining the new table top with the new legs, but once home I decided my old table top would look far prettier with the new legs. Which it does! I’ve got two desks now: one for my computer (which hold my laptop, a second screen and my Wacom drawing tablet) and one for sketching / drawing / sewing. I love having so much table top space! And it’ll be far easier to make sewing projects again, because I don’t have to put away my laptop and screen every time I take out the sewing machine! Whoop!

Did you guys discover any new favourites in February? Or do you know where I can find more inspiring illustrator / drawing / yoga channels on YouTube?

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Workspace Wednesday – A little bit of fanart

As part of my 28 in 28 challenge I need to finish 52 different projects this year. The projects I pick can basically be anything, from home decor projects to learning how to video blog. I kicked this challenge off by making a bit of fanart.

Two things you need to know about how I normally make paintings/illustrations: 1) I never finish anything I start , 2) I normally don’t do fanart (although I once started a Marceline piece, but I tossed it a couple of weeks ago, unfinished).

One of the reasons I never make fanart is because I don’t consider myself much a fan of anything. That was until I reread the Harry Potter books again and again. And rewatched the movies, bought the illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, bought a Hogwarts patch, bought Harry Potter Film Wizardry and most recently, bought tickets to the Harry Potter Expo this summer (yaaay!). Fangirling much?

Snape fanart by Plutomeisje

After the death of Alan Rickman it seemed fitting to try my hand at creating a Professor Snape piece. I made a lot of sketches trying to get the resemblance right, but in the end I gave up and just started the piece.

Snape fanart by Plutomeisje

My main goal with this illustration was to practice my drawing skills and colouring skills, but mostly to just finish something. I’ve always had a hard time finishing pieces, because I never like them enough or they didn’t came out as I’d imagined. The thing is that my artwork/drawing style never will be able to live up to my expectations if I don’t practice and finish things up.

Snape fanart by PlutomeisjeSnape fanart by Plutomeisje

I made a big mess on our dining table when I started the illustration. ♥ I used water colours for this piece, which is probably the material I’m most familiar with. I really like using water colours, they’re easy and forgiving.

Snape fanart by PlutomeisjeSnape fanart by PlutomeisjeSnape fanart by Plutomeisje

After a lot of nitpicking and hours of staring at the piece, second guessing all my almost decisions, I finally finished it! And although there are a couple a lot of parts I don’t like, I’m so happy I did it! Completing this illustration has thought me so much and there’s nothing like the satisfaction of finishing something you’ve started.

Snape fanart by Plutomeisje

Materials: Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colours, Winsor & Newton Cotman and Schleiper water colour brushes, Posca Uni white marker, Sennelier Indian Ink, Fabriano Accademia 240g/m² paper

Last Week

The past two week have been filled with taking care of a sick boyfriend and then being sick myself the following week. Not the most nurturing time for interesting IG photos, but here’s a small Last Week overview anyway.

Last Week - I drew Snap fan art

I decided I wanted to paint a Snape fan art/tribute piece. I’ve been seriously out of practice, so I did it the proper way with a lot of preliminary sketches. I don’t think I got it right once, but I’ve started painting anyway. If it doesn’t work out, I can always try again. (I’m trying to let go of the idea that every drawing and painting has to be “right” from the first try. I’m terrified I’ll screw things up so I tend to go stupidly slow, stalling every decision and it’s so tiring and counterproductive).

Last Week - I showed off my Hogwarts patch

Pottermore has a sorting ceremony again and this time I got sorted into…. Ravenclaw! Last time I was sorted into Gryffindor, so I’m not sure how I feel about my new House… When I was in London I bought a Hogwarts badge, because I couldn’t decide which house I wanted to be (I was still Gryffindor at that time) and I decided Dumbledore was right, they sort too early..

Last Week - I was sick and covered in blankets, drinking tea

Enter blankets and tea. I was already feeling a bit better when I started posting pictures on IG again. The sort of better where you can be bored out of your mind, but you can’t sit up in front of your pc because you feel stupidly tired after 10 minutes.

Last Week - I was sick and covered in blankets and was accompanied by Loki, the cat

Luckily the Boy had a decent array of healthcare workers watching and entertaining me the whole time.

Last Week - I was getting better and got some reading done

By Friday I felt well enough to start reading a bit! I picked up A Wild Swan (review on Goodreads) by Michael Cunningham. It’s a short book with fairy tale retellings and I quite liked it. I wasn’t blown away, but some of the stories where rather crafty and creepy. It also had very nice illustrations, but they lost their appeal in the e-book version I read, looking very small. I’ve seen copies of the physical version of the book and it’s quite stunning.

Last Week - I painted Monstera deliciosa leaves in my sketchbook

Sunday was for drawing and drinking tea. I’ve bought myself a Monstera Deliciosa months ago and I’m as obsessed with it’s pretty leaves as anyone else on the internet seems. Drawing them was great fun.

How has your week been?

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12 Dates of December [wrap-up]

In December the Boy and I did something called 12 Dates of December. We each wrote down six dates (without knowing each other’s date ideas), hung them on a wall and whenever we felt like it, we opened a date. As today is Valentine’s Day (which we don’t do :p) I thought it would be the perfect moment to look back on our 12 Dates of December.

We managed doing almost all the dates we wrote down (we still have to make time for the last one) but doing this 12 Dates project was so much fun! The process of coming up with the dates, wrapping them up and then the anticipation when opening them was already really nice, but actually making more time to spent with each other was obviously the best part.

12 Dates of December

I think the Boy and I pretty much have the same ideas when it comes to what we want in a date, because we each picked 5 times the same date. We both wanted to go Christmas tree and decoration shopping, we both picked a movie night (although the particular details of the dates were quite different), we both wanted to go for a long walk and we both wrote “game night” as one of our dates!

12 Dates of December - Christmas tree shopping and decorating

It took a bit of shopping around, but we found the perfect tree and a bunch of awesome decorations. After this we decided to drop the €20 restriction, because we spent it all on the tree and the decoration. I didn’t realise Christmas decorations would be so expensive…

12 Dates of December - Movie Night with wine & cheese 12 Dates of December - Movie Night with wine & cheese12 Dates of December - Movie Night with popcorn

The two first pictures are the boys interpretation of a movie night: cheese and wine. Quite a bit more fancy than my popcorn and warm blankets movie night, but both were fun.

12 Dates of December - Christmas shopping in Cologne 12 Dates of December - Christmas shopping in Cologne 12 Dates of December - Christmas shopping in Cologne

We also did some Christmas shopping across the border, in Cologne. Another thing we should definitely more often (impromptu city-tripping).

12 Dates of December - Homemade brunch

We also both put cooking in our dates. Mine was cooking a giant breakfast/brunch thing, whilst the boy picked cooking a three course dinner (of which we don’t have photographic evidence, but it was delicious!).

I think we’ll be doing the 12 Dates again this year, but probably not in December. As December really is packed with holidays, family dinners and birthdays, it was a bit hard to fit all those dates in. I know 12 Dates in November doesn’t have such a pretty alliteration to it, but it’ll be a better fit, agenda wise. 🙂

Do any of you want to try 12 Dates in December (or something along the same lines) this year? Or did you already do something similar in the past?