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12 Dates of December [wrap-up]

In December the Boy and I did something called 12 Dates of December. We each wrote down six dates (without knowing each other’s date ideas), hung them on a wall and whenever we felt like it, we opened a date. As today is Valentine’s Day (which we don’t do :p) I thought it would be the perfect moment to look back on our 12 Dates of December.

We managed doing almost all the dates we wrote down (we still have to make time for the last one) but doing this 12 Dates project was so much fun! The process of coming up with the dates, wrapping them up and then the anticipation when opening them was already really nice, but actually making more time to spent with each other was obviously the best part.

12 Dates of December

I think the Boy and I pretty much have the same ideas when it comes to what we want in a date, because we each picked 5 times the same date. We both wanted to go Christmas tree and decoration shopping, we both picked a movie night (although the particular details of the dates were quite different), we both wanted to go for a long walk and we both wrote “game night” as one of our dates!

12 Dates of December - Christmas tree shopping and decorating

It took a bit of shopping around, but we found the perfect tree and a bunch of awesome decorations. After this we decided to drop the €20 restriction, because we spent it all on the tree and the decoration. I didn’t realise Christmas decorations would be so expensive…

12 Dates of December - Movie Night with wine & cheese 12 Dates of December - Movie Night with wine & cheese12 Dates of December - Movie Night with popcorn

The two first pictures are the boys interpretation of a movie night: cheese and wine. Quite a bit more fancy than my popcorn and warm blankets movie night, but both were fun.

12 Dates of December - Christmas shopping in Cologne 12 Dates of December - Christmas shopping in Cologne 12 Dates of December - Christmas shopping in Cologne

We also did some Christmas shopping across the border, in Cologne. Another thing we should definitely more often (impromptu city-tripping).

12 Dates of December - Homemade brunch

We also both put cooking in our dates. Mine was cooking a giant breakfast/brunch thing, whilst the boy picked cooking a three course dinner (of which we don’t have photographic evidence, but it was delicious!).

I think we’ll be doing the 12 Dates again this year, but probably not in December. As December really is packed with holidays, family dinners and birthdays, it was a bit hard to fit all those dates in. I know 12 Dates in November doesn’t have such a pretty alliteration to it, but it’ll be a better fit, agenda wise. 🙂

Do any of you want to try 12 Dates in December (or something along the same lines) this year? Or did you already do something similar in the past?

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  • Reply Le petit requin February 14, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    Leuk om te lezen wat jullie gedaan hebben! Hier niet meteen plannen om zoiets te doen, maar we doen eigenlijk sowieso wel vaak dingen als wandelen, fietsen e.d. samen.

    En geef mij toch maar jouw filmavond, want mmm popcorn! 😉

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