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28 in 28 birthday list [update 1]

It’s been two months since I had my birthday so it’s the perfect moment to give you an update on the progress I’ve made with my 28 in 28 birthday to do list.

Follow 25 Skillshare lessons

Even though I really love Skillshare and I’ve followed a couple of classes, I haven’t actually finished the projects that are part of those classes. Most recently I’ve watched Jessica Hische’s One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time class (which was very informative), but I haven’t got to drawing my drop cap. Hopefully I’ll get to these projects in the next few weeks, because I really want to make them.

28 in 28: going on five city trips in 2016. Trip one: London!

Go on five city trips in 2016 (1/5)

I already went on my first citytrip before I posted my new 28 in 28 list. That’s why it’s specifically said “go on five city trips in 2016”. I went to London and I wrote a short blog post about our three-day citytrip in the city. We spent most our time visiting off the beaten track sites, which was pretty awesome.

At the beginning of April I’m going to Paris. We’ll only be there for the weekend, so this will be a super short stay in the city and I’m not sure how much time we’ll be able to spent on sightseeing. If you have any tips for visiting less touristy spots, please let me know!

Also in April I’m going to YALfest in Utrecht, a young adult book festival. I’ll probably feel really old surrounded by all those teens, but it sounded like so much fun when I heard about it and I’ll be following a workshop on vlogging taught by Sanne from Books and Quils. I’m really looking forward to this weekend!

If any of you have tips for things worth visiting in both Paris or Utrecht, please let me know! I’m always game for some shopping, staring at books in bookshops and weird little museums.

28 in 28: Reach my 2016 blogging goals

Reach my 2016 blog goals

I’ve already talked about my blog goals in my first 2016 Blogging Goals update post and things aren’t going very well. I posted highly irregular in February and March isn’t much different. I still have ten months to figure things out though. 🙂

Mari Kondo the shit out of everything I have

I started reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in December of last year and I finally finished it in March. I wasn’t completely sold on all the things in the book, but there were a couple of ideas I wanted to give a shot. I’m not really pulling everything out of my closets, because I have cats and not enough floor space, but I am tackling things in themes. I’ve already gone through all of my craft supplies and I’ve got a lot of things for the “giving-closet” at my art school.

Go see a play

I went to see a play preformed by a local group of players in Bruges. They preformed in a West-Flemish dialect which added some extra value to the play. I didn’t understand everything (I’m from East-Flanders), but it was fun. The play itself didn’t have a comprehensive story line, but it was funny, which is always nice.

28 in 28: make twelve projects from Pinterest. The first projects: handpainted porcelain mugs

Do twelve things from Pinterest

I made one project from Pinterest! Huzzah! Remember my little tutorial on decorated porcelain coffee mugs? Well, that project was definitely Pinterest inspired.

Finish the Verbeelding Bookchallenge

I already posted my first Verbeelding Bookchallenge update at the beginning of March. I could cross off five of the challenges by then. I’m reading a lot of non-fiction at the moment, so I’ve only checked off one other challenge since then. I not really sure why, but I don’t feel like reading fiction, which is something that will pass soon, I hope.

See 28 new (to me) movies (6/28)

With this challenge I’m completely on schedule and I’ve already seen some interesting and good movies:

  • The Fly
  • Never Let Me Go
  • Barton Fink
  • Sherlock: The Abominable Bride
  • What We Do in the Shadows
  • The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

I think The Fly was probably one of my favourites of this list (the gore!), while The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness was very interesting and inspiring  to watch (it’s a documentary about Studio Ghibli).

28 in 28: Make a project every week. I've already mad a couple of projects, one of these is this Snape fanart piece

Make a new project every week (6/52)

I thought I would be far behind on this challenge, but actually I’m not doing too shabby. I’m only two projects behind and this is definitely one of the challenges I underestimated. Starting and finishing a new project every week isn’t easy. Some weeks are just to busy and some projects take way longer than just one week. The projects I’ve done until now are:

The Skillshare projects I want to do are taking a bit longer and I still have heaps of projects I want to give a try, I only have to keep on making!

Read forty books in 2016 (8/40)

I’ve already said it a couple of times on this blog, but I’m having a reading slump. I’m not feeling like reading much, I’m not making time for it and so I’m slacking. I’m not too much behind on this challenge, so I’m not worried. The books I’ve read so far are:

  • A Darker Shade of Magic
  • The Stranger
  • We Should All be Feminists
  • De Buitenkant van Meneer Jules
  • Rat Queens vol.2
  • A Wild Swan
  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  • Illustration Now, vol.4

If you want to see what I’m reading and if you want to find out what I think about the books I’m reading, you should definitely follow me on Goodreads.

Do 120 workouts (11/120)

I’ve started off so well with this challenge. I only need to do 10 workouts a month to reach this goal and I did so well in February, but utterly failed in March. I really need to get my shit together and start working out again.

Two months into my 28 in 28 birthday list and I’ve completed one challenge and I’m mostly on track with the other challenges. I still feel excited about the challenges I picked this year, so I should be able to finish a couple more in the following months.

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