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Every two weeks (or three in this case) I post an overview of the last two weeks in pictures. I’ve been working on lots of different projects, not quite finishing much though. And if you look at this post and the blog posts I wrote this week, you can only think I’m a bit obsessed with plants at the moment. You aren’t wrong. I hope you’ll enjoy this plant filled Last Week!

Last Week - I ordered some air plantsLast Week - I drew a jungle

Immediately starting of with the plant theme! I finally bought myself some air plants. They’re all still alive, so I’m happy. I’m working on some ways to showcase them in the house, now they’re just lying on the boxes on my desk. I didn’t know it yet, back then, but my jungle illustration also perfectly ties in with my current plant love.

Last Week - I bought In Progress and The Exquisite BookLast Week - I finally filmed my first video

These are the two books I bought in March: In Progress and The Exquisite Book. I absolutely love In Progress, it’s so informative and I really learned a lot reading it. Review will be up soon(-ish)! I also shot my first video (a book haul) and I had hoped it would’ve been up by Saturday, but figuring out how to edit is taking a bit more time.

Last Week - I organised a craft party and had fun with friends

It’s been coming a long time, but I finally had another craft party with some friends. In the end we spent more time talking and drinking than actually crafting, but who cares, it was fun!

Last Week - I visited the botanical gardens in Ghent Last Week - I planted some sprouts of my Jade plant

I went to the botanical garden in Ghent again! When I was studying at Ghent University, this was one of my favourite places to spent a quiet time. It had been so long since my last visit and I really need to visit more often. Spending time between the tropical plants in °25 degrees felt a bit like being somewhere far away.

After my visit to the botanical garden I decided to give my own botanical friends some TLC. I repotted a couple and I took some sprouts from my Jade Plant. Hopefully they’ll grow big!

How has your week been? Did anything plant related (to keep to the plant theme in the Last Week post 😉 )? 

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  • Reply Fenne April 6, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    Plantenobessies zijn altijd ok denk ik dan 🙂
    En plant-related, een heen-en-weer naar de Zweedse bossen, als dat ook telt.

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