Last Week

Woosh, another week flew by! And it’s been awhile since my last Last Week post. You know the drill by now: it’s Sunday and I’m giving you an overview of the past weeks in pictures.

So much happened these past weeks, I went to Paris, I’ve been looking for a job with renewed fever, I saw the Floraliën, I’ve drawn, I DIY-ed and I painted my kitchen a golden-yellow. I didn’t snap pictures of all of those things though, so you’ll have to believe me on my word.

Last Week - I wrote about the Botanical Zoom theme of Urban Jungle Bloggers

I posted my first Urban Jungle Blogger post a couple of weeks ago and I need to shoot the next one asap! I have so much plant related content in my head (it’s spring, I just feel the urge to sprout plant related posts everywhere!), but I haven’t had the time to shoot the pictures and write the words. Maybe next week. Definitely.

Last Week - I went to Paris for a quick city trip Last Week - I went to Paris for a quick city trip Last Week - I went to Paris for a quick city trip

I also went to Paris and had a blast. I still have unpublished pics on my phone, but I’m keeping them for an other time, otherwise people will start to imagine I live in Paris.

Last Week )- I read and reviewed (and loved) Jessica Hische's In Progress

I basically raved about Jessica Hische’s book In Progress and I’m still tempted to read it again. And again. So much inspiration!

Last Week - I bought myself some new drawing and painting tools Last Week - I got myself a Harry Potter POP Funko and a Totoro art print by Audra Auclair

I decided to reward myself for all the job hunting. I hadn’t found a job yet, when I ordered these, but I couldn’t resist. I absolutely love that mechanical pencil btw (I’d write a complete review on it if I didn’t think it’d bore you halfway to death). Also: the Harry Potter Funko and the Tototoro art print by Audra Auclair make my day. Every. Single. Day. They’re on my desk and I often gaze lovingly in their direction.

Last Week - I worked on a DIY project

A new DIY project! It’s finished, I edited the photo’s, but I haven’t actually written the post. I’m planning to put it up next week though; so look forward to that.

Last Week - I visited the Floraliën in Ghent

More plant related stuff in this Last Week post with the Floraliën sneak peek, where I met up with Ines, Sarah en Elisse. This art installation in the Sint-Pieters-Kerk is probably one of the highlights of the festival and was absolutely stunning. Maybe it’s DIY-able on a slightly smaller scale?

How has your week been? Do you have any cool plans for next week? I’m planning on creating as much as I can in one week and to have some long spurs of completely guilt free relaxation.

(ps. If you want to see more behind the scenes pictures, daily life snaps
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    Leuke dingen heb je gedaan! Het is al veel te lang geleden dat ik in Parijs ben geweest 🙂

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