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28 in 28 birthday list [update 2]

28 in 28 - Twenty eight in twenty eight list

It’s been two months since my last update on my 28 in 28 list, so its high time for a new update. Halfway through these two months I started working full-time and I’m still adjusting to my new daily schedule, which of course had its impact.

I’m not that surprised I haven’t made enormous leaps of progress and all in all I’m satisfied with the ways things are progressing on my list. Slow and steady wins the race, they say. If you want to see my complete list you can find it in the original 28 in 28 post. Now, let’s get on with that update!

  1. Being able to run 10 km
    If it wasn’t for Ines talking about a running buddy to me at the Floraliën, I’d probably still wouldn’t have started with this point of my 28 in 28 challenge. Luckily she did and so I’ve joined her with the Start to Run program. Ines runs three times a week and I join her every Saturday. I’ve been able to keep up, but I’m guessing I’ll need to start doing some midweek running if I want to be able to keep up.
  2. Go on five citytrips in 2016
    April was a busy travel month. At the beginning of April we went to Paris for a quick city trip. It was my third time in Paris and I seem to appreciate the city more and more every time I return. My other trip took me to Utrecht for YALfest (about which I still need to write). This brings the total amount of city trips to three. I haven’t planned the other trips yet, I think it’s time to start to. I haven’t any clue where the fourth trip will lead to, but citytrip number five will take place somewhere between October and December, in the high north of Europe!
  3. Fill a sketchbook every six months
    When I started the 28 in 28 challenge I had two sketchbooks I was using. One of them has very bad paper and I hate using it. The other one was a sketchbook I started back in 2011, but never finished. Until now! Together with half of the sketchbook with the bad pages this makes one complete sketchbook. I already started a new one of course.
  4. Read forty books in 2016
    At the time of the last update I had read 8 books, now I’m at 17 books. I’m still two books ahead of schedule, although I have the feeling I’m not reading at all. It’s been weeks since I read my last words in The Dark Days Club, I still haven’t finished All the Light we Cannot See and The Tiger and The Wolf has been awkwardly long on “3% read” on Goodreads. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that all the other things in life have priority right know.
  5. Do 120 workouts
    Currently I’m at workout n°23. After a great start in February I really slacked off. With my starting to run I’ve also found some new energy for other workouts, so I’ve started the Ripped in 30 program by Jillian Michaels. I’m only at day 3, but I think this will be more achievable than the other program I tried (6 week six pack) which was too hard for me.

I noticed the past weeks that with fewer free time to spent I’ve started making better use of my time. Less surfing the web and more doing what I really want to be consciously doing. If I’ll keep this trend up, I might make so good progress by the time the next update comes online.

Maybe you guys can give me a hint to what I definitely should be doing in the next two months?

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Lovely little air plants (and where to find them)

Lovely little air plants (and where to find them in Belgium)

Ever since I saw the first air plants pop up a couple of years ago I knew I wanted to get my grubby little hands on them. I had to be patient, but I finally have my own small collection of air plants!

When I started looking for air plants, they were nowhere to be found in Belgium. It took a while, but now the air plant hype has landed. They’re a couple of stores selling them in Ghent and online, but I find their prices quite outrageous. Luckily for me there’s I’m still pretty much a cheap skate, so when I saw Luchtplantjes selling B-quality (meaning they’re not as symmetrical as they should be or don’t have perfect colouration) plants for cheap I ordered a bunch of them.

Lovely little Air plants (and where to find them) Lovely little Air plants (and where to find them)

I ordered three B-quality plants and two A-quality: a Ionantha and a small Oaxacana. Everything together I paid €15,50, shipping included. Knowing that I can find OK-looking plants in Ghent for €12 a piece I think this was pretty much a bargain.

Lovely little Air plants (and where to find them) Lovely little Air plants (and where to find them)

One of the reasons I didn’t want to spent too much on air plants is that the first air plant I bought almost immediately died. I know from experience I just can’t seem to keep some plants alive (gerberas and cacti e.g.); so I didn’t want to spent too much in case I had the same problem with air plants.

Lovely little Air plants (and where to find them)Lovely little Air plants (and where to find them)

It’s been two months since my plants arrived and I can happily tell you they’re still all alive and kicking. I’ve noticed the different species do seem to need a bit of different care taking, because one of them looks a bit unhappy. I’m sure we’ll get there though.

Lovely little Air plants (and where to find them)Lovely little Air plants (and where to find them)

I’m still looking for ways to display my air plants in the house. At the moment they’re just chilling on my desk and I love seeing them there, but I’d also like to display them in a more special way. I did buy a himmeli at the recent Etsy fair in Ghent, so maybe one of them will fit in there. 🙂

Lovely little Air plants (and where to find them)
Lovely little Air plants (and where to find them) Lovely little Air plants (and where to find them)

Have you guys jumped on the air plant train already? Do you also want to start a little collection?

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A first salary wish list long in the making

For the longest time I’ve dreamt about that moment, after years of studying, where I would get my first salary. I decided years ago that I would be ruthless with that first pay. I’d spent as much as I wanted to, without the nagging guilt about not saving. And of course, I made a list.

The list has changed dramatically over the years. When the idea of the first salary wish list first entered my mind I was still obsessed with fashion and I dreamt of a pair of Chanel boots. Later it became the Proenza Shouler PS1 bag (still makes my heart beat faster), which would take at least 2 salaries to buy.

Now the list is filled with lots of smaller items. Some have been on this list for years, others are more recent fancies. Either way, I’m really looking forward to treating myself to these!

A first salary wish list

  • Ever since I bought my Hogwarts patch in January, I’ve wanted to start a little patch collection on a jeans jacket. I think this awesome Pony People mushroom kitty patch would be a perfect addition to this future collection.
  • I’m still very much into everything Harry Potter, so I like at least one of Santa Matita’s Harry Potter sticker sets. They’re pretty much perfect and they’ll fit the hardback editions of the Harry Potter books I’ll finally be able to order.
  • I have an old Eastpack backpack that’s running on its last legs and I think this pretty Fjallraven Kanken backpack in yellow would be a great replacement.
  • Even tough I’ve got a 15″ laptop I still crave a tablet. I’m thinking this Asus transformerbook (or something alike) would be perfect, so I can blog on the go and read new blogposts on my sofa.
  • I think I’ve already mentioned this print of Kelly McKernan’s Pan’s Labyrinth a couple of times on this blog and I still want it, so I’ll finally get it!
  • The Canon 50mm lens has been on my wanted list for ages. I can’t wait to start shooting with it.
  • My laptop can use a bit of a boost and I think the Samsung Evo 500GB SSD would be the perfect way to give it that bit extra.

I’m not sure I’ll buy all of these things when that sweet first pay check arrives, but I’ll treat myself to at least a big bunch of them. Did you do something similar with your first pay check? Or maybe you have a first salary wish list like this yourself?


Last Week

Every two weeks I post an overview of the last two weeks in pictures. Or maybe three weeks this time. It’s been very busy these past weeks and taking photos wasn’t my priority. I also have some exciting, work related, news!

Last Week - I went to YALfest in Utrecht Last Week - I went to YALfest in Utrecht

I went to Utrecht with a friend, shopping and visiting YALfest, a young adult book festival. We had a workshop (that sadly didn’t went through), got our picture taken with six international YA writers and got a nice goodiebag.

Last Week - I went to YALfest in Utrecht Last Week - I went to YALfest in Utrecht

I then had I very busy week, taking almost no pictures. I did manage to make some time for a watercolour illustration. On Sunday I met a super cute goosling at my parents. So fluffy and cute!

Last Week - I went to YALfest in Utrecht Last Week - I went to YALfest in Utrecht

Yesterday we went to Bruges for some sightseeing. Afterwards we went to the food truck festival in Ghent. I’d never been to a food truck festival before and even though it was very crowded, the food was awesome.

By the way, I found a full-time job (yaay!). I already started working, so I didn’t have much time to write and plan a lot of blog posts. I’m not sure how this blogging thing is going to evolve in the next couple of months. I’ll try to publish at least once a week though. 🙂

How has your week been? Any nice plans for next week?

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