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It is Sunday, which means I’m posting an overview of my most recent Instagram photos and I’m telling you all about what I’ve been up to in the past weeks.

I fell of the blogging band wagon for the past couple of weeks. I’m still (yes, still -__-) adapting to the working life and I had a couple of weeks with bad/almost no sleep (the heat, mosquito’s,..),  and lot’s of Pokémon GO playing, among other things.

Last Week - I went to Graspop
I went to Belgium’s biggest metal festival: Graspop. It was a very wet weekend, but even with all the mud and the rain it was still a lot of fun!

Last Week - On Wednesdays I wear pins!Last Week I also went to the open day of the drawing academy I followed a course at this year. I used the opportunity to enroll for my second year illustration & comic drawing.  I’m looking forward to it a lot!

Last WeekLast WeekLast Week - First day of the Thirty Day Creativity Challenge I started my Thirty Day Creativity Challenge in July. It’s been quite the challenge and I didn’t manage to completely keep up with it, but I still plan on finishing it completely.

Last Week - I visited the Harry Potter expoLast Week - I went to the Harry Potter ExpoLast Week - I went to the Verbeelding Bookclub Meetup At the beginning of July I had a very busy weekend planned: I went to the Harry Potter expo on Saturday and came back to Brussels the next day for the Verbeelding Bookclub Meetup. I had a blast at both events. The expo was a bit of a fangirling moment for me and, although it found it a bit short, I really loved seeing all the props and the costumes. On Sunday I met all the lovely ladies (and one lovely gentlemen) of the Verbeelding Bookclub. It was a sunny afternoon and time went really fast while we talked about everything from living abroad, books to blogging.

Last Week - with extra catsicalls Last Week - with some extra cat pics on topI had a little photoshoot moment with Shrödinger a couple of weeks ago, when he was being super cute and sleepy. I’ve been sprinkling the pic in my IG feed once in a while.

Last Week - I got some brand new Nuuna notebooksLast Week - I got my own Harry Potter book collection
I bought myself a couple of presents the past couple of weeks. I got introduced to the Nuuna notebooks a while back. They look and feel so nice, so when somebody hinted they were available at a discount, so I couldn’t say no. I also got my own copies of the Harry Potter books in the fabulous Signature edition.

How has your week been? Did you do anything fun? Started a new project maybe?

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