Sunday Scribbles

Hi there! And welcome to the first ever (and maybe the last) edition of Sunday Scribbles.

I’ve blogged for a long time (probably close to ten years). I used different platforms, different names, but my blog always was a lifestyle blog. Once upon I time, I filled my screen with musings about how all the girls at the bus station seemed to wear the same outfit. Or how a fat guy chose to sit on part of my lap, even though there was a free seat in front of me. Or even how you can commit “social suicide” by wearing socks in sandals. I once wrote a post about how the boys I fell in love with always had a girlfriend already. And then wrote a follow-up post about how that particular guy actually didn’t have a girlfriend, but he had now (and still has, although I still don’t call him by his name on this blog).

Those were very personal posts and, if you ask me, they were also quite humorous. Along the way I decided to put that part of my writing away and focus more on DIY’s, crafts, books,… because those are the things I actually like reading on other blogs.

Sunday Scribbles
The last year(s) I’ve been in this permanent state of “blog identity crisis”. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the fuck I want from this blog, from this hobby. I like writing though, because I keep coming back to it and not writing this blogs always makes me feel miserable. But. There is always the “but”. I don’t get the same amount of joy from it that I used too. Especially when I think back to my original writing, which still brings a smile to my face (or rather, a dorky grin). I’m not sure I can get back to the way I wrote before, because I’m not the same person any more. In ten years a lot of things have happened, both good and bad, and sometimes I feel like I lost the “fun” part of me.

A lot has to do with insane amounts of fear and self-doubt. I often feel like I’m stagnating. That’s part of the reason I want to do my birthday lists every year (and it’s also part of the reason I fail miserably). Anyway, all this, quite depressing talk, leads me to this: I need to be more “me” on this blog. I want to stop pressuring myself in doing what seems to be needed to create a popular blog. I just need to write, and have fun (which is one of the things I was thinking about when I made my 28 in 28 list, so this post might’ve been a long time coming).

Sunday Scribbles

So, (reaching the point I wanted to make!) instead of publishing the “Last Week” posts, where I brush over my life lightly, I’m thinking about switching this up to “Sunday Scribbles”. I’d love to write in a more informal way about whatever, both good and bad, and maybe share some fun things I came across during the week (songs, videos, interesting tidbits). It’ll be a weekly newsletter, on the blog (because, yes, I’ve been thinking about starting a newsletter, but let’s face it, I’m not keeping up with this blog, so why would I want to put extra things on my plate?).

The question is, of course, would you guys actually like to read something like this? Let me know in the comments below (or on social media) and tell me what you think (or tell me to man up and get over myself 😉 ).

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  • Reply Fenne September 25, 2016 at 7:15 pm

    When you can’t find the same joy in writing as you used do, just follow your heart and see where it leads to. There are enough look-at-me-how-great-and-creative-I-drink-coffee-blogs, and they might be popular, there is no need to try and be something that doesn’t fit.
    Although you might not immediately find what you’re looking for, there is always the excitement and fun of trying something in a different way, the excitation of taking a new and unexplored path…
    Adventures (big and small) make us feel alive 🙂

  • Reply Elisse September 25, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    Ja, zeker een leuk rubriekenidee! Ik vind dat alvast super tof om te lezen. En super herkenbaar hoor, die blogidentiteitscrisis. Ik weet het eigenlijk ook nog altijd niet goed. Ben er sinds dit weekend terug in gevlogen dus de komende weken zullen er regelmatig terug posts online komen, hieperdepiep!

  • Reply hUGO September 25, 2016 at 9:48 pm

    It might sound detached or even arrogant, but should you be asking for a crowd to read your musings, or will your scribblings be worth reading just the same? Just put it out there, your fun will infect readers. Or won’t. But you had your good times creating. Personal or not.

  • Reply Naomi October 7, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    Jaaaa!!! Doen! Gewoon doen!
    Je blog is jouw reflectie en als je nu niet happy bent met de content dat je creëert, dan komen je bezoekers daar echt wel achter. En vice versa geldt dat precies hetzelfde: ben jij happy dan zijn jouw bezoekers dat ook want je kan in een blogje vaak echt merken hoe iemand zich voelde op het moment van schrijven. Daarom lekker doen waar jij je prettig bij voelt. De bezoekers komen dan echt wel! <3

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