Sunday Scribbles, n°1

Hello & welcome to the first instalment of Sunday Scribbles. To be honest, I started writing this short after I wrote the blog post from last week. I didn’t wait for responses on that post, because I felt excited enough to start writing immediately. #win This week I’m talking about struggling with “the adult lifestyle”, finally having a tablet (and how I believe this will change my life) and a couple of my favourite things from the past week. Settle down, take a cup of coffee (or a beverage of your liking) and read on!

InkTober - day 1

Adulting (not adultery)

This is something everyone goes through, I’m sure, and I should just man up and get over this, but I’m a bit shocked by how difficult I find it to fit everything in, since I started working. I’m a creative person with tons of hobbies. I’m also, at my core, an introvert, who needs “down time” to function like a normal person. But since I started working full-time a couple of months ago I started cutting away hobbies.

I crash in front of my computer (or in the last weeks: on the couch, not caring about what’s on tv), I don’t cook any more (thank my lucky stars for the Boy, who took over graciously). I don’t care what I eat (frozen pizza will do), which is strange because I like cooking and I love making new dishes.

Adulting (v): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups; also: Post adolescence when the light in your eyes fades away and dies. (source: Urban Dictionary)

So yes, I’m struggling a bit here. I’d like to keep up the blog, work on new DIY’s and long interesting blog posts, spend 8 hours in art school every week, do half an hour of sports each day, eat healthy, do my part of the household tasks, cuddle my cats, take pictures for my blog and social media, actually edit the fucking video I made months ago, start filming often, do a 30 day challenge (and finish it for once). I’m not even thinking about the extra blog and side hustle I want to set up. (I’m actually giving myself heart palpitations by thinking about this all and writing this down).

I seriously don’t know how I can make this all work (please send tips & chocolate) and I feel a bit (just a teeny tiny enormous bit) overwhelmed. So I’m coping by coming home, ignoring my pc and take long relaxing baths. Which will have to do for the moment. Head space first, smaller goals and the rest will follow (I hope).


My tablet will change my life

Which is a big claim, but I hope it will, in some small ways. One of the things that bugged me for months, was my lack of reading other blogs. After a full day at work behind the pc, I don’t like to spend the rest of the evening sitting uncomfortably in front of my laptop, reading blogs. I don’t like consuming blogs on my phone (even though I can barely hold it in one hand, it’s too small for reading), so that stopped me from actually following up with my favourite bloggers. The same goes for watching YouTube on the go or whilst taking a bath. I also use my phone for writing down ideas on the go (in Evernote), but I don’t like it for writing longer texts or planning in new blog content.

After months of careful deliberation and getting stressed out because I got overwhelmed by the amount of options you have in tablets, I just picked one and ordered it. Sometimes I do things better when not actually thinking them through. And now I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which is so much lighter than I thought it would be and which already started changing some of my habits (if I commented on your blog the past week, thank my tablet).

InkTober - day 1

Thing I love this week

  • Among many other drawing challenges and festivals, it’s also InkTober this month. The concept is really simple: every day you make a drawing or a sketch, which has some inking. I got really excited and made a good start yesterday. All the sketches in this post are from my first day of InkTober. I’m a bit in love with the way all the black and white looks in my sketchbook. I decided to keep things really simple and start off by doing only patterns. Hopefully I can finally finish a 30 day challenge this time. 🙂
  •  This illustrated music video directed by Rozalina Burkova for Entrance. The illustrations and the music are a perfect match!
  • I absolutely love watching Anke Weckmann’s Sketchbook Time Lapse videos. The way she builds up her sketchbook pages, seemingly randomly and then going back to earlier sketches and adding details really is fascinating to me.

That’s all for this week! Did you read or watch anything this week you really loved? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Reply huisje van papier October 3, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    welkom in de wondere wereld der volwassenen *not* 🙂
    je zal je ritme wel vinden op den duur, en gewoon doen waar je op dat moment goesting in hebt! ook al is dat dan luieren in de zetel, dat kan ook zo goed doen

  • Reply Fenne October 3, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    ik denk dat ik de boot naar een volwassen leven gemist hebt…
    misschien dat ik de volgende ook maar laat gaan 🙂

  • Reply Nikkie October 5, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    oh zo herkenbaar! En dan van iedereen inderdaad ‘het went’ maar inmiddels loopt mijn half jaar contract alweer bijna af haha. Zou willen dat ik tips kon geven maar helaas..

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