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November 2016


Sunday Scribbles, N°2

Wew, I took my time to write this second edition of Sunday Scribbles. I wrote and rewrote a dozen versions over the last three week I think, but I finally managed to finish it! This time I wrote about life (again ;)), the American elections and my plans for the rest of November.

 Nobody told me it was going to be difficult.

(If they did, I wasn’t listening)

The past fortnight I was really conflicted about my work situation. It basically went between staying or leaving. Not an easy decision to make, especially when at the same time I had to say goodbye to two lovely colleagues who left. Having such a hard time deciding completely stressed me out, which obviously made things worse. Try making a right decision when all you want to do is rest, because you drained yourself thinking about this problem every moment you’re awake. I drove myself (and the boyfriend) almost nuts. In the end, after way too much talking and thinking, I decided to stay. I felt like I wasn’t done yet.

I gave myself some “buts” though. I’ll stay, but I have to work on making my job into something I’ll enjoy more, into something I can push myself more in. I’ll also need to be more vigilant about the frustrations I had before. And I need to start working on personal projects again. Just by making this decision, I feel re-energised, which is a good thing. And if it was the wrong decision, I’m sure I’ll look back on this and realise I’ve learnt something.


The American Clusterfuck

I can’t write this Sunday Scribbles and not mention the Great American Clusterfuck, can I? I woke up early Wednesday morning, turned on Twitter and saw that Trump had won. After turning off my phone I tried to sleep some more, which obviously didn’t happen. I felt all day that this was a sad day for the world. How could a sexist, misogynistic, racist with bad hair an an orange tan have won? Are people that desperate not to see a woman lead? (I obviously know it’s more complex than this, but still, this also played a role)

In the evening I spent some time in the bath tub (my thinking spot) and saw the disbelief and the anger in the creative community I follow on Instagram. But I also saw a lot of people willing to fight, willing to voice their opinions and willing to work on positive change. And then I saw this quote of “Still I Rise“, by Maya Angelou. And I felt the fire burning. There is still hope, we can still work on a better world, but we better start, before this fear and hate also strikes in Europe (more than it already has).

Fresh bread pudding, made in the beginning of my holiday

Plans for November

I’m taking this week off (& started well by making bread pudding in the long weekend), to figure some things out, especially considering a few personal projects I want to set up. One of those new projects is a new blog. I know, I’m barely keeping up with this one, but it’s part of a bigger plan, so I owe myself a shot. If you’re interested in graphic design, illustration, art supplies,… keep an eye on Studio Maddy, this week I’ll put my first post live.

I also want to work on my self confidence this month (which seems such a stupid thing to write down), but I’m fed up with feeling not “good enough” all the time. I bought Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Bootcamp when she was doing a sale in September and although the mails come in every week, I haven’t done anything with it. So instead of doing a 30 day drawing challenge, I’m challenging myself to spend more time on myself in November (& December). I’m not sure I’ll blog or post on social media about this, but if I should send out a picture with #radicalselflove, then you know what’s going on.

 Thing I loved this week

  • For InkTober I started sketching in a small, A6, sketchbook and I’ve enjoyed this immensely! The book filled up so quickly (which I find very motivating) and I no problems starting to draw on the smaller sized pages. With less space to fill I seem to have less fear for the white page.
  • Another InkTober discovery is my Pentel Pocket Brush pen. The fillings seem to empty quite quickly, but other than that I love everything about this brush pen! It fits perfectly in my hand, it’s awesome to draw with and it fits my pencil case.
  • One thing that’s slightly positive about the American elections is the renewed interest in feminism and equality. Poppytalk posted an awesome list with gift ideas for feminists, which is a great start to make people aware that feminist isn’t a curse word. I really like the “the future is female” shirt and the boob planter they got on that list.
  • I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who left a nice, motivating, encouraging comment on the last two Sunday Scribble posts! Reading all those lovely comments meant a lot. Thank you!

What are your thoughts on the American elections? The ongoing debates about diversity made me very aware how privileged I am. I’d like to broaden my perspective, so if you have any tips (movies, books, articles, poetry,…) that would help (I’m already making a list of books), please leave them in the comments below (or anywhere on my social media, or e-mail me).

Design & Illustration, Projects

InkTober – 31 days of drawing & inking

In the past couple of years October has become the drawing month of the year. I think thing started with the Big Draw event, but on social media too it became the month of drawing and pushing your creative skills. On of the challenges you can find on Instagram is InkTober. I’ve tried finishing this 31 days of drawing challenge a couple of times, but it never worked out. Until this year’s edition!

I decided to start with very low expectations and just wanted to draw a pattern a day. Keeping things light and easy. One pattern a day became 8 patterns on the first day. Apparently I was really excited about my low pressure approach. After a week of drawing patterns and seeing a lot of witches pop up in people’s InkTober feeds, I tried my hand at more witchy things. And from there I was really set to make a daily sketch and ink it in.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a lot of these drawings already, but if you missed some (or you don’t follow me yet on Instagram), I’ve made a little GIF with all of my patterns and illustrations. (If you don’t know what InkTober is, check inventor mr Jake Parker’s page for all info)


Apart from the last week, where life handed me some lemons, things went really smooth! I had a harder time uploading all my drawings to Instagram than actually making them. The InkTober challenge also made me love using ink and brush pens a lot more than I did before. A black and white inked drawing has something to it. I’d like to do another drawing challenge soon (because now I know I can finish them 😉 ) and I think it would be awesome to learn more about using ink and ink washes and maybe even add some colour to the drawings.

Did you take part in InkTober (or one of the other challenge that were running at the same time)?