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January 2017

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The 29 before 30 birthday list!

Every year on my birthday I come up with a new birthday list. I make a list with all the goals I want to accomplish in the following year, even goals that are a bit out there. The purpose? To motivate myself and to do things that are out of my comfort zone. This year’s list already has 29 items on it (gasp)!

In this year’s birthday list I’m focusing on honing some of my skills, try to lighten up once in a while, travelling and self-care. Of course, I probably wont be able to do all of these things, but they make me feel excited and I’m already itching to start working on them, which is half of the fun.

01. Have more random dance parties
02. Lose weight
03. Decrease my ecological footprint
04. Have more fun adventures
05. Watch 30 films & series that have been on my “to watch” list for too long
06. Become a better photographer
07. Don’t buy any new drawing materials (until I run out)
08. Make an illustration of my family (mainly our 3 cats ;))
09. Start saving for a trip to Japan
10. Do eight 30 day challenges
11. Travel more!
12. Read five books of 400 pages or more
13. Master hand lettering
14. Redo our garden
15. Finally make a new piece of clothing from scratch
16. Seriously work on my illustration skills
17. Be able to do a yoga head stand
18. Read a book that completely blows me away
19. See beavers in the wild
20. Be able to pull myself up on a pull-up bar three times
21. Give the house an affordable make-over
22. Read 10 unread books from my shelves
23. Make a bookstagram account
24. Start a side hustle
25. Start making videos
26. Work on my self-esteem/hermit issues
27. Go out for breakfast more often (and discover the city)
28. Give a workshop
29. Go on a (mini) road trip

The way I want to tackle this year’s birthday list is a bit different from the way I did it the past couple of years. Instead of trying to do an update every two months, I’m going to do updates every quarter (and apparently I’m not the only one who’s thinking this way this year). I also want to make a list with goals I’m going to focus on at the beginning of the quarter, so I have a battle plan for completing this list! I hope this will keep my goals more on my mind and it’ll should help me feel less overwhelmed during the year.

Since I’m already a bit late with my new birthday list, my first quarterly planning should go up soon(ish), so stay tuned for that. Another thing I’m planning is changing the image on top of these blog posts every quarter, as part of my illustration goal. So at least that one is of for a good start (and please, don’t feel too shy to remind me of this if I should slip up the coming months).

Do you have a similar list with goals? New Year isn’t that long ago, so maybe you made a list with resolutions? Or are you working on your on birthday list? What did you put in it?


Sunday Scribbles – first post of the year!

It’s evening. I’m in my sofa, eating blueberries from a beautiful blue bowl I bought on  the handmade market I was on a couple of weeks ago. I’ve tried to write a blog post for a couple of weeks and it looks like it’s finally going to happen. Welcome in a new edition of Sunday Scribbles.

I just realised that this is my first post of the year, instead of the last one, like I thought it was going to be. Let me start by wishing you a happy new year! Hopefully you had a blast on New Year’s Eve, ate a bit too much on New Year’s Day and are ready to kick 2017’s ass. I know I did/am.

December really tired me out. I spent a lot of time with family and with my physical therapist. I participated in a handmade market, for which I needed to make a set of Christmas cards. Trying different styles, spending ages doubting my abilities and then quickly trying to finish them every night after work was extremely tiring. I’m still recuperating a bit, but this exercise helped me remember I actually really like making things, creating designs,… So yes, next year I really want to start working for myself (side-hustle wise). Trying to figure out what my next steps are is overwhelming though.

Sunday Scribbles

I didn’t spent much time on the Radical Self Love course I bought, although I feel like working on my self-esteem is key to actually really getting to my goals. Constantly feeling like I’m not good enough, I’m not ready or I’m falling short is getting old. Mark this as one of my New Year’s resolutions.

I did spent time on a different e-mail course: the Meststoffen voor je Blog (translating as “Fertilising your blog”) course by Kathleen. To be honest, I didn’t think I would learn much new about blogging during this course. And although there were no big surprises in the course, the way the information was presented (with lots of small to do’s and tasks) really made me think about this blog and my goals. I still have to go through a couple of lessons (again), but I think my blogging goals for 2017 will be a bit different from the ones from 2016.

Sunday Scribbles

Things that made me happy

  • having a Christmas tree in the house, which smells so nice
  • finally doing something about my weight and my knee problems. It’s going slow, but I think I can already see some progress
  • spending a lot of evenings tired, but relaxed in the sofa
  • making lists for 2017
  • putting gifts together

Work in progress

I really really really want to put out a video before the 24th of January. I might not even edit it, because lowering the ridiculously high standards I have in  my head to basically zero might be the only way I’ll ever put anything out on video.

I have a nice DIY way to show off air plants in the making, I only need to make some nice pictures of the finished products, but with all the weekends full of festivities and the days being too dark so quickly I haven’t been able to finish it. Frustrating!

I’d also love to do one (or maybe two) blog posts about caring for houseplants and air plants.

Thing I enjoyed

  • my newfound love for blueberries. They’re so pricey and probably awful for my carbon food print, but they’re so delicious and perfect for late night snacking
  • Watching Arrival. Not your traditional science fiction movie and I really liked it. It’s one of my favourites from the last couple of years, a bit like District 9.
  • Watching the Harry Potter movies again and feeling all snug because of all the perfect Christmases in those movies
  • buying new brush pens

That’s it for this Sunday Scribbles. How have you been? Do you have new year’s resolutions?

(ps: All image are from Unsplash)