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29 before 30 – The plan for quarter one

The 29 before 30 Birthdaylist: my list of goals for quarter one
The 29 before 30 Birthdaylist: my list of goals for quarter one

For my 29 before 30 list I want to work on a quarterly basis. At the beginning of every quarter (going from the 24th to the 23th) I’ll post a list with goals I want to work on specifically in that quarter. This should keep me goals fresh on my mind all year long. It’ll help planning out everything and make my list feel less overwhelming. At least, that is the plan.

If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, check my original 29 before 30 birthday list. You’ll find all my goals for this year in that blog post.

So far, the first quarter hasn’t going according to plan. I’m halfway through my first month and I’m only publishing my first quarterly plan now.  I have a ton of excuses of course, but let’s not bother with them. I still have 2,5 months to work on these goals, which both seems like a ton of time and no time at all.

The 29 before 30 Birthdaylist: my list of goals for quarter one

In the first quarter I really want to focus on:

  • Figuring out how I can decrease my ecological footprint. I want to educate myself a bit before making decisions and I’ll be looking into some books and documentaries. If you have tips for things I should read or watch, please let me know. For now I’ve put “Cowspiracy” and “Eating Animals” on my list, but there’s probably a lot more out there.
  • Reading a book of at least 400 pages, preferably one from my “unread” shelf.
  • Beginning to work on my pull-up bar muscles (weight lifting & push-ups).
  • Working on either (or both) my illustration or hand lettering skills.
  • Starting a bookstagram account together with a friend (and make some content for it).
  • Doing the Yoga Revolution with Adriene for 30 days.
  • Making a family portrait/drawing of our three cats.
  • Starting Radical Self Love
  • Making at least one video
  • Creating a lot of content for both of my blogs (specifically 30 post for Putomeisje /16 post for Maddy)
  • Taking more pictures & posting more on Instagram
  • Going on a couple of fun adventures

Apart from these things I also want to read four books from my unread shelves, make a playlist for random dance parties and watch a couple of series and films from my “to watch” list.

The 29 before 30 Birthdaylist: my list of goals for quarter one

Being halfway through the month while posting this doesn’t mean I haven’t started. I already finished the books of 400 pages and I started lifting a meagre 6kg’s. I also created a bookstagram account, but filling it is something I still need to work on. Oh, and I’m doing a 30 days of hand drawn quotes, which is going pretty good so far.

So, that’s it for this first quarterly planning post for mu 29 before 30 list. I feel optimistic about my goals at the moment, so let’s see what I can report in a couple of months. By the way, if you have any tips about any of my goals, feel free to share them. Or just tell me what your favourite dance track is, I can use some inspiration.

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