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10 things I love right now

Going thorugh everyday life, it’s easy to forget how much we’re into certain things at some points in time. I love looking back and re-discovering things I was into at some point, so today I’m sharing 10 things I love right now and who now, in a couple of years, when I look back, I have some happy memories to some of these things.

  1. Last Podcast on the Left. It’s wasn’t love at first listen-session, I thought the humor was a bit crude, but I persisted and now LP on the Left is one of my favourite podcasts. They have a bunch of topics they talk about, but serial killers and the occult are topics that return a lot. And the humor? I can’t go a week without. The stupid jokes, the impersonations, there isn’t a thing I would change. And the podcast always brightens my day when I feel down.
  2. Mastery. With this app you can track how many hours you spend on things you want to master. The goal is getting to 10 000 hours and, as I’m quite competitive, I do like this battle with myself.
  3. Beau Sejour. This is the first series in ages I patiently wait for each week. And it’s coming to an end. I really like this series (about a murdered girl trying to find out who killed her) and even the weekly waiting has been a nice experience (and completely different from the binging and then getting bored-thing I normally do).
  4. PeterMcKinnon’s YouTube channel. The guy is full of energy, he’s sharing so much information and knowledge and his videos are just so pretty to watch. If I ever get into actually making videos, this guy will be a serious inspiration for me.
  5. My “combat” boots. I got this pair of boots from Sacha (I still need to write about it :x) and I adore them. They look like stylish combat boots, they fit perfectly, they look awesome and they are absolutely 100% me. I used to dress goth/punk in high school and combats were my favourite thing back then. I’m still eyeing Dr Martens too, just because I never got to wear those (I bought them once, a couple of sizes too big).
  6. Sketchbook pictures. I love watching pictures of other people’s sketchbooks. Sometimes they actually make my heart do a happy thump. There is nothing that inspires and pushes me as much as seeing someone else’s creativity. True, sometimes they also make feel down, because of the difference in skill, but most of the time they just make me very happy
  7. My Sony RX100 M3. Ok, I’ve barely used it, but I’ve taken this thing anywhere. I want to get into the habit of being on the lookout of pictures, at all time (and taking them). But I still feel shy and hesitant. Something I need to get over, because I love this camera a lot and I want to u-use it.
  8. Finishing an old and starting in a new sketchbook. I don’t fill that many sketchbooks, so when I finish one this is still a big deal for me. Especially because in the past I never finished sketchbooks, I just moved on to the next. But, last year I was a good sketchbook keeper and I filled one about every six months. I really want to keep this up and I also want to experiment more in my new sketchbook. I don’t care if it’ll fall apart by the end, I want to be completely free on those pages.
  9. The Talens Ecoline Brush pens. They are a dream to work with, so smooth, they even make my crappy lettering look good.
  10. My new peg board above my desk. I threw out the old magnetic blackboard I DIY-ed a couple of years ago and replaced it with a white pegboard. Boy, was this a good decision. Not having to look at my black failed DIY really lifts my moods. It probably also has something to do with a fresh white vs a black backdrop. I also really love how versatile a peg board is. I might even do a complete post about somewhere in the next 38 days. 🙂

What do you really love right now?

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    Winter! If I have to pick just one thing right now 🙂

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