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Four blogposts that didn’t happen today

I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for the biggest part of my evening. Since I started surfing the net I’ve had four ideas for blog posts. (“plans for decorating my balcony and garden”, “how I’m setting up my new notebook/bullet journal”, “plans for the month of April” and “favourites of March”) None of those ideas made it so far. And none of them will. (insert dramatic pause)

At least not this evening because I’m starting to feel overwhelmed and a little bit stressed because it’s 9 o’clock and I still have nothing! So before I snap shut and go sit in a corner, moping about how much of a sucky adult I am, let’s make a list about why these posts are not happening today. Because I love list making.

Four blog posts that didn’t happen

  • I really wanted to do a post about decorating my balcony and my garden. I’m just not sure a post filled with Pinterest images and Ikea product shots is going to be that interesting. I’d rather show you the work in progress and the final result. Which may take a couple of weeks or months to finish. And in the meanwhile, I still need to research how I want everything to look and stick a feasible budget to it. All things that I can’t do on one evening whilst writing a quality post about it. + the Ikea site gives me shopping stress, I want half of the outdoor collection from this year.
  • Ah, the bullet journaling thing. Still seems like a fun post, but with the lack of light and a desk that is completely┬ácovered in piles of an enormous mess (growing for a couple of weeks now) quickly filming something was no option.
  • As much as I love list making, I didn’t write a “plans for April” post this evening. I did make the list in my lovely planner. And I had the amazingly depressing idea to go take a look at the earlier “plans for” post I wrote in the not so distant past. Reading those lists made me realise I did about 0,1% (scientifically calculated by dramatic guessing) of the things on those lists. Instant bummer. Instant “I”m too ashamed to write another list with plans because I never stick to them and I suck at planning and I want to mope in a corner”. Bye, post!
  • The “favourites of March” post could’ve happened. You know, if I kept better track of the things I loved in March (spring weather,… err…. an anime series I only got 4 episodes far in!… err….). And then I had to draw and paint everything on the aforementioned┬ádumping ground of a desk. Not going to happen.

The post that did happen

No instead, I decided to pour my frustrations and insecurities in a blog post (a much better idea than the four others, I’m sure) and it’s way faster to write. Also, this helps my mental health. I already feel more relaxed and I think I didn’t do too bad of a job. #win. Yes, I am one of those people who used the phrase “hashtag whatever” in actual conversations. Don’t hate me now.

Heads up guys, because this week will be a bumpy one. I have seas of time in the evening (always a bad thing with me, I need pressure) and I feel distraught because Things Are Changing. And I’m nervous and scared and excited and happy. No, I’m not pregnant, I know the symptoms sound similar (and I’ve been nauseous and I used the word bumpy. But no. Not ever). So there might not be that many posts this week or there might be one every day. Not sure yet. You’ll see. ­čÖé

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  • Reply Charlotte April 9, 2017 at 9:03 am

    Zo herkenbaar.
    Ik heb verschillende kladberichten in mijn dashboard staan, maar het lukt me maar niet. Ik kan mijn hoofd niet focussen op maar 1 iets. Ik wil te veel tegelijk doen, waardoor na uren nog steeds niks publiceerbaar op papier heb staan, behalve nog meer halve idee├źn. Lastig.
    Hopelijk lukt het je sneller dan ik om uit die viscieuze cirkel te stappen!

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