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    My Week in Pictures

    This is my week in pictures. I won’t tell you anything about them, but if you pick a picture and ask me a question in the comments, I will definitely tell the story.…

  • Personal

    What’s in my bag?

    I always like a peek into other people’s belongings. I’m always curious to see which things they consider essential and why. Today, I give you a small peek into my bag, so I…

  • Personal

    Sunday Scribbles, N°4

    Hello & welcome to a new instalment of Sunday Scribbles. In this post, I talk about my 40 Days of Blogging experience, how I stepped outside of my comfort zone more this…

  • Inspiration, Personal

    10 things I love right now

    Going thorugh everyday life, it’s easy to forget how much we’re into certain things at some points in time. I love looking back and re-discovering things I was into at some point,…