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    Workspace Wednesday

    I worked hard on a couple of DIY projects these past weeks, but alas, nothing is finished yet (although all are “almost”). I’m very¬†excited about these projects and wanted to give a…

  • Personal, Projects

    Doing 12 Dates of December!

    Last year’s December was¬†all kinds of not fun for a lot of different reasons. So I decided I wanted to make this year’s December a more memorable month for all the right…

  • Projects

    Last Week [18]

    English Nederlands English Whoops, it’s already Monday! You may have noticed I didn’t post anything last week, which means I failed my 27 days of blogging challenge. After I quit trying I…

  • Books, Projects

    A Bookish Photo Challenge

    English Nederlands English Yes, it’s time for a new photo challenge! I already did a photo a day challenge back in January. Although I didn’t really finish it (turns out doing challenges…

  • Projects, Workspace

    Print & Sign: zeefdrukken

    De eerste zes weken van het tweede semester stond er een nieuw vak op ons programma: print & sign. De afgelopen weken amuseerde ik mij geweldig in dit vak, want ik mocht…