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    My favourite animated movies

    Most of us watch animated movies when we’re kids and then, at some point in life, I feel like watching animated movies is suddenly deemed ‘childish’.  Unless, like me, you grew up…

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    July favourites

    It’s already the end of August and I’m just now posting my July favourites. It doesn’t make them any less my favourites though. I drew them during my 30 day creativity challenge,…

  • Blogging, Tips

    My favourite podcasts

    Last year I discovered the joy of listening to audio books. Being able to get lost in a story while you can still do things like cook, clean your house or drive…

  • Tips, Travel, Urban Jungle

    Floraliën 2016 – Sneak Peek

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the Floraliën sneak peek. If you’re unfamiliar with the Floraliën (Floralies in English): it’s an enormous event all about all things flora. On the Floralies…

  • Books, Tips

    My 6 Favourite Booktubers

    English Nederlands English I’ve been watching BookTube for about a year now and I thinks it’s high time I shared my favourite booktubers with you! For the readers who don’t know what…

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    Link Love

    Ladies (and gents), you’re reading the second Link Love post in the history of this blog! I’ve been meaning to write these posts regularly, but because my blog reading slacked, I didn’t…