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    Whenever it’s been a while since I last went on a trip, I get this deep urge to pack my bags and travel. And it is been quite a while since I…

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    A Quick Paris Citytrip

    Months ago, my sister-in-law and brothers-in-law decided they wanted to run a marathon. After much deliberation they decided on the Paris Marathon and asked us if we wanted to tag along for…

  • Travel

    A quick London citytrip

    I’ve been to London once before, many years ago, on my first real trip with the Boy, but we never managed to go back, although we really wanted to. That is, until we went…

  • Personal, Travel

    Happy Feet

    When we go on a citytrip we walk. A. Lot. With all that walking around I tend to get sore feet. Not something I particularly enjoy, but because of the soreness of…

  • Inspiration, Travel

    Moscow in posters

    After a week spent in Saint Petersburg we took the train to Moscow. I always had the feeling, whilst talking to other people, that Moscow wasn’t really liked. Someone even went as…

  • Personal, Travel

    Russia, baby!

    Yes, I’m going to Russia! I’m very excited (even though I aware of the current political situation), since this will probably be my most exotic trip until now. I now fairly little…