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Whenever it’s been a while since I last went on a trip, I get this deep urge to pack my bags and travel. And it is been quite a while since I went anywhere new and exciting, so the call of the exotic is beckoning me, louder and louder. “Where would you go?” you’re probably wondering, so I made a list with my top 6 travel destinations.

  1. Barcelona – Well, this might not be exotic for most of you, but Barcelona has been on my “to travel” list for years. For some reason, though, I’ve never gotten to actually travelling there. Of course, it’s ridiculously touristic, but I’d still love to go and see all its wonderful architecture. And have some tapas. Or a lot.
  2. Marrakech – Somewhat more to the south than Barcelona and also a lot more exotic in my mind. Marocco seems a bit mysterious to me. I know very little about the country, but that makes it more fun to travel to. And they have a wonderful botanical garden, which is always a plus, for any destination.
  3.  Iceland  Back to the north! With almost no people in sight for the most part of the trip and a possibility of faeries, Iceland seems like an awesome destination. It’s not so much a culture I want to experience (apart from their hot-spring bathing culture), but more the vast emptiness of the country. Preferably in combination with a midnight sun or an aurora borealis.
  4. Madagascar – Split from the mainland for thousands of years and the only place in the world where you can find certain species (Aye-Aye‘s, Fossas, Leaf-nosed snakes!). I’d love a trek through the jungle there. They also probably have a beach of two to spend some time on (not too much, though).
  5. South-East Asia – Ok, not really a country, but I figured if I spend the money and the fuel to fly there, I better take my time and do some travelling from country to country. Sign me up for Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia (specifically Borneo), I want to see them all. I’d love to experience the local culture and food and I can’t wait to see some jungle.
  6. Japan –  Ah, Japan. It’s been on my list for yearrrrsss, but travelling to Japan is pricey and not that easy (language barrier wise). The people and the culture really fascinate me. There will be a time when watching anime and reading manga isn’t enough. Hopefully, by then, I’ll have some plane tickets ready.

Where do you really want to travel to? Or did you already go to your top travel destination? Did it live up to your expectations?

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Floraliën 2016 – Sneak Peek

Floraliën Gent 2016

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the Floraliën sneak peek. If you’re unfamiliar with the Floraliën (Floralies in English): it’s an enormous event all about all things flora. On the Floralies you get to see the prettiest flower arrangements and sculptures and inspirational gardens. All this is set in contrast with historical locations in Ghent.

I’m a bit of a plant lady (and a cat lady, I basically live in a jungle with feral predators), so being invited I was very excited to see the sneak peek for the Floraliën. I’d never been to the Floralies before and they only take place every five years!

Floraliën Gent 2016

I met up with Elisse, Ines and Sarah and we explored the 5 km long trail, taking us from place to place, all the while talking blogs, taking silly pictures and having a good time. It was nice to see Elisse again and to meet Sarah and Ines. And it was awesome to talk about blog-stuff without people thinking I’m a crazy person living only on the internet.

Floraliën Gent 2016 - Plutomeisje has made it to the wall!

I was very happy to see Plutomeisje made it on the Floraliën name wall at the STAM. Being an eager beaver is pretty awesome sometimes. You can still make your own name in Floraliën style on the website.

Floraliën Gent 2016 - First stop: the LeopoldskazerneFloraliën Gent 2016 - First stop: the LeopoldskazerneFloraliën Gent 2016 - First stop: the Leopoldskazerne

The Floraliën went through a bit of a make over. In the past the exhibition took place in a giant event hall and was completely indoor. With the 2016 edition you have indoor and outdoor parts on all the different locations, which I actually really liked. Knowing how much people have bought a pre-sale ticket (100 000!) I think everybody will be able to appreciate the fresh air and the change of scenery between locations.

Floraliën Gent 2016 - At the Sint-Pietersplein Floraliën Gent 2016 - At the Sint-Pietersplein

There are four main locations: the Bijlokesite, the Leopoldskazerne, the Sint-Pietersplein and the Citadelpark. We did have some trouble locating the entrances to certain parts of the exhibition, but I’m sure when there’s more people on the trail finding your way won’t be a problem.

Floraliën Gent 2016 - At the Sint-Pietersplein

Photo by Elisse

Floraliën Gent 2016 - At the Sint-PieterspleinFloraliën Gent 2016 - At the Sint-PieterspleinFloraliën Gent 2016 - In the Sint-Pieters church

Thank you WallkieTalkie  and Floraliën Gent for inviting me, I had a blast! And thank you Elisse, Sarah and Ines for the company, we need to do this more often (as in companies: invite me so I can be a more sociable blogger 😉 ).

Floraliën Gent 2016 - At the CitadelparkFloraliën Gent 2016 - At the Floraliënhal in the Citadelpark

Are any of you going to the Floraliën this year? Have you ever been in the past?

Floraliën Gent from april 22nd to May 1st.
Open daily from 8h to 22h (last entrance at 21h).
For tickets & more information check the Floraliën website.


A Quick Paris Citytrip

A quick Paris city trip in spring!

Months ago, my sister-in-law and brothers-in-law decided they wanted to run a marathon. After much deliberation they decided on the Paris Marathon and asked us if we wanted to tag along for moral support. And so we found ourselves on a quick citytrip to Paris.

I must admit after the attacks in Brussels (and in Paris before that), going to Paris when there was such a big event as a marathon scared me. I think it’s a normal emotional reaction, but the rational part in me took over (there is a chance, but it’s not that big, even now) and I stepped on the train from Lille to Paris, feeling very suspicious, but after a while, the feeling ebbed away.

To get to Paris we drove to Lille, parked our car on a free secured parking not far from the Gare de Lille Europe and stepped on the train to Paris. It was cheaper than leaving from Brussels and it didn’t took much longer to get there.

A Quick Paris Citytrip - Visiting the Musée de l'Armée

Day one – Museums galore!

After arriving we kicked our Paris citytrip off with a visit to a museum. When we were last in Paris we didn’t get to all the museums we wanted to do, so we picked up were we left off. The Boy wanted to see the Musée de l’Armée and I tagged along (he tags along to bookshops with me), even though I had sworn not to visit any military museums for at least ten years after spending way too long in the St. Petersburg military museum (I can only stomach so many types of sables, guns and missiles before becoming extremely bored).

Lucky for me, the Musée de l’Armée doesn’t cover anything after 1900 and everything before 1900 is often made so exquisitely detailed even I can find amusing things to look at.

A Quick Paris Citytrip - Visiting the Palais de TokyoA Quick Paris Citytrip - Visiting the Palais de TokyoA Quick Paris Citytrip - Visiting the Palais de Tokyo

After le Musée de l’Armée we walked past the Eiffel Tower (buying the tiny Eiffel Tower statues we skipped on last time and regretted ever since – because apparently, having some kitschy souvenirs in our decor is our thing now) to the Palais de Tokyo.

I wanted to visit the Palais de Tokyo because I wanted to buy a specific magazine they sell (which wasn’t in stock), but upon walking into the museum I pretty much fell in love with the space and so we decided to visit the exhibitions. Some exhibitions were a bit too traditional modern art for me, but I really loved the “Double Je” exhibition, an exhibition exploring the boundaries between artists and artisans and which also gives you an insight into the workspaces and work process of the participating artists. I also really liked the colourful and often graphic work in Jean-Michel Alberola’s exhibition L’Avonture des détails.

A Quick Paris Citytrip - Visiting the Paris CatacombsA Quick Paris Citytrip - Visiting the Paris Catacombs

The last thing we wanted to visit that day were Les Catacombes de Paris. The last time we were in Paris we skipped these, because the waiting line was ridiculously long. In the high season you often have to wait more than 2 hours to get inside and I didn’t want to spent so much time in line. This time the line was about half as long as the fist time we went, but we still waited for at least 1,5 hour (!) to get inside. Completely nuts.

Although I really liked my visit to the Catacombs, I think this was definitely a once in a lifetime experience: there is no way I’ll ever queue so long for them again. If you want to visit the Catacombs: go in the low season and check on which days you’ll only have to wait for 30 minutes.

After our visit we went to Montmartre to catch up with the runners of our little group and to eat some delicious pizza.

A Quick Paris Citytrip - Watching the Paris Marathon

Day two – Stalking the Paris Marathon

The second day was D-day for our runners: the day of the marathon. It was a beautiful day and it was suddenly really hot. We watched in amazement as over 40 000 people ran by, only catching a glimpse of our runners once. We tried to find them again a couple of times along the route, while also showing the Boy’s dad around the Paris highlights.

A video posted by Eline (@plutomeisje) on

A Quick Paris Citytrip - Sightseeing while watching the Paris MarathonA Quick Paris Citytrip - Watching the Paris MarathonA Quick Paris Citytrip - Sightseeing at the Notre Dame CathedralA Quick Paris Citytrip - Sightseeing at the Eiffel TowerA Quick Paris Citytrip - Sightseeing at the Eiffel TowerA Quick Paris Citytrip - The marathon finish at the Arc de Triomphe

We caught up again with the runners at the arrival at the Arc de Triomphe, were all three of them finished! (Well done, guys!) The amount of people at the finish was just crazy and we were very happy when we finally found everybody. The conclusion at the end of the marathon was the same for all three runners: never again.

A Quick Paris Citytrip - Dinner at Chez Janou

At the end of day two of our Paris citytrip we went to Chez Janou for dinner. The Boy and I discovered the restaurant the first time we went to Paris and the food was as delicious as we remembered.

A Quick Paris Citytrip - Visiting Père-Lachaise in spring

Day three – cemeteries & books

On day three the runners went home early, so our ways parted. The Boy and I went to the Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, which I had never visited before. Although the Boy had told me it was a stone dessert, I thought it did have some charm. Maybe it was the early spring morning and the lack of tourists that helped to give the place some extra shine that day, although it wasn’t nearly as pretty as Highgate Cemetery (probably because there are a lot of newer graves, which just aren’t as pretty as the one they built a couple of hundred years ago).

A Quick Paris Citytrip - Visiting Père-Lachaise A Quick Paris Citytrip - Visiting Père-Lachaise A Quick Paris Citytrip - Visiting Père-LachaiseA Quick Paris Citytrip - Visiting Père-Lachaise

After Père-Lachaise we walked around the Marais for a couple of hours. We visited Merci, rested in front of the Centre Pompidou, walked past the Hôtel de Ville to Shakespeare and Company.

A Quick Paris Citytrip - Walking around the Marais and visiting MerciA Quick Paris Citytrip - Resting at the Centre Pompidou

What would my Paris citytrip have been without at least one visit to a bookshop? Ok, to be honest, I had to skip most bookshops on Paris because they only sell books in French. Shakespeare and Company only sells books in English, which is a feat, considering how proud the French are of their language.

I bought Mansfield Park in the Vintage Classics edition to add to my collection, along with Shakespeare and Company tote bag (because, really, you can never have enough tote bags) and a typewriter written poem (I got “Her Breast is Fit for Pearls” by Emily Dickinson and Sonnet no. 64 by Shakespeare).

A Quick Paris Citytrip - Shakespeare and Company

After Shakespeare and Company both the Boy and I were spent and we dragged ourselves to the nearest cafe terrace to enjoy the nice weather and to wait for the train that would take us back home.

If it would’ve been our first time a three days Paris citytrip would definitely have been too little time to see all we wanted to see, but for a quick plunge in French culture and history, it was perfect. I definitely liked Paris more in spring than in high summer (last time we went in August), because the city isn’t smothered in tourists yet. Maybe next time we should go in autumn, I’m curious to see how fall looks in Paris.

Have you been to Paris? Which spot do I really need to visit next time?


A quick London citytrip

London citytrip - Arriving at St. Pancras station by Eurostar train

I’ve been to London once before, many years ago, on my first real trip with the Boy, but we never managed to go back, although we really wanted to. That is, until we went on a  London citytrip a couple of weeks ago! We stayed in London’s hip and happening East Side and did some off the beaten track travelling.

We stayed in an Airbnb in the East End, which is a neighbourhood that apparently is very hip. If you like to go out at night that’s probably a plus, but we’re the kind of citytrippers that walk all day and fall asleep completely exhausted at 11pm. Yup. Lucky for us, the appartement was located in a quiet building (although there were lot’s of pubs and restaurants in the neighbourhood).

London citytrip - Spitalfields Market has it's own goat (statue)

The East End is very well known for its heaps of street art, so on the first day of our London citytrip we booked ourselves on an Alternative London Walking tour. I wasn’t sure what to expect of this tour, but it was a very informative and interesting tour of the area around Spitalfields Market. Our guide was genuinely interested in the welfare of that part of the city and he really liked talking about street art and the history of the neighbourhood. Going on this tour at the beginning of our stay in London was a great idea, afterwards we noticed way more street art pieces.

London citytrip - Enjoying street art in the East End during an Alternative London walking tourLondon citytrip - Enjoying street art in the East End during an Alternative London walking tour London citytrip - Enjoying street art in the East End during an Alternative London walking tourLondon citytrip - Enjoying street art in the East End during an Alternative London walking tour London citytrip - Enjoying street art in the East End during an Alternative London walking tour

Normally the tour would’ve taken 2 hours, but as it was raining a bit and it was quite cold it got shortened by half an hour. If it wasn’t for the cold and the rain I wouldn’t have minded a way longer tour, it was so interesting! Afterwards we went and enjoyed a hot coffee and a piece of pie.

London citytrip - Walking around the city in winter also means enjoying hot coffee and cakes!

On day two of our London citytrip we decided we would start the day with an English styled breakfast. We went to Pellici’s, which is about as Italian as it sounds. It was still quiet when we got in, but after ten minutes the café filled to the brim and the atmosphere was bustling. Normally I don’t eat (a lot of) breakfast in the morning, so finishing my plate was a bit of a struggle, and although it was far from healthy, it was very tasty. All the staff was super friendly and when we left we got some free bread pudding with the words “my mum made it this morning”. It was still warm and delicious.

London citytrip - Going YOLO and eating a British breakfast London citytrip - Going YOLO and eating a British breakfast

We spent a large part of the day in the Hunterian Museum, located in the Royal College of Surgeons, amongst dead things in jars and pieces and parts of animals and humans. I’m a sucker for these types of small museums ever since we’ve discovered the Medizinhistorisches Museum in Berlin. I know they’re not for the faint of heart, but they’re so interesting. They tell as much about the history of medicine and science as about the way people used to interpret things they didn’t fully understand yet.

London citytrip - Bookshopping!

After we’d had our fill of dead-things watching we walked around the city center, looking for interesting book stores. I’d made a list with bookshops I wanted to visit during this citytrip and although I didn’t get to them all, we visited: Foyles (can I go and live there? Please?), Forbidden Planet (for geeking out) and Gosh! (graphic novels and comics). I also had London Review Bookshop, Persephone Books and Word on the Water on my list, but we only had so much time and I decided to leave them for another time.

London citytrip - Tower bridge at night

After the book shopping and sightseeing we went for another walk, this time between Tower Hill, the Globe theater and St. Pauls Cathedral. One of the downsides of travelling during winter is the lack of daylight. It did influence my photographing, but on the other hand, look at those pretty lights!

London citytrip - London at night

I’d kept one bookshop until last: the giant Waterstones on Piccadily Circus, because it was open until 10pm. This is such a large bookstore and I was too tired to climb the stairs to every level, but I did buy some pretty books. Afterwards we went to The Ginger Pig Café for a most excellent dinner. We both picked the steak, because after walking around for the biggest part of the day we could use it. We had som locally brewed Camden beers with it and I rather liked my Camden Pale Ale.

London citytrip - Cycling next to Regent's Canal

On our last day in London we decided to give the famous “Boris Bikes” a try. We went cycling next to Regent’s Canal and I almost slipped and fell in. Lucky for me, I didn’t, because it was again a very cold day and we planned a walk around Camden Market (= shopping!) and another tour. No busy city life on this tour though, we went to Highgate Cemetery.

London Citytrip - Trees, moss and a Victorian graveyard at Highgate cemetery London Citytrip - Trees, moss and a Victorian graveyard at Highgate cemetery

I know visiting a graveyard during your London citytrip isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but Highgate Cemetery is an original Victorian graveyard and it’s really pretty! I can only imagine how it would look in summer, but even in winter it’s worth visiting. All the overgrown graves, the trees, the angels on tombs,… it’s exactly as you would imagine such on old graveyard would be.

London Citytrip - Trees, moss and a Victorian graveyard at Highgate cemetery

Highate cemetery exists of two parts: East and West. The East cemetery is accessible without a guide, although you have to pay an entrance fee. This part of the cemetery isn’t as impressive as the second part, although it’s still very pretty. The West Highgate cemetery you can only visit during a guided tour (because some parts of the cemetery aren’t safe). If you pay for the guided tour for the West part you can also visit the East part with the same ticket.

London Citytrip - Muddy walkways at Highgate cemetery London Citytrip - Trees, moss and a Victorian graveyard at Highgate cemetery

I really liked the West side cemetery tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the preservation of the cemetery.

London Citytrip - Trees, moss and a Victorian graveyard at Highgate cemetery

After visiting the graveyard it was back to our appartement, packing up our bags. We’d hoped for some extra walking around in the neighbourhood of King’s Cross, but we were so tired already from all the walking around, we didn’t get too much any more.

London Citytrip - Trees, moss and a Victorian graveyard at Highgate cemetery

I did visit the Harry Potter shop in King’s Cross though. I had hoped I would be able to take a picture with the trolley that disappears in the wall at platform 9 3/4, but apparently there’s a photographer and a giant line and you have to pay for a print out of the photo. Bummer. So I bought a Hogwarts patch instead. (And about half an hour later I found out Allan Rickman died, which explains why everybody was wearing the Slytherin scarf at the Harry Potter shop)

I did enjoy this short trip immensely, although the Boy and I promised each other next time we’d do a London citytrip it would be during the summer, as we’ve never seen it not during winter (last time there was so much snow the buses and the underground stopped working and the museums all closed early).

Have any of you ever visited London? Which spot do I absolutely have to visit next time?

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Happy Feet

When we go on a citytrip we walk. A. Lot. With all that walking around I tend to get sore feet. Not something I particularly enjoy, but because of the soreness of my feet I looked down a lot whilst walking around beautiful palaces and old museums. As you can see, it’s not always a bad idea to look down (or up! Russian palaces have amazing ceilings) once in a while.

City-trippen dat is belachelijk veel stappen. Belachelijk veel stappen resulteert bij mij dan weer in pijnlijke voeten. Niet zo tof, maar door af en toe naar mijn pijnlijke voeten te kijken, ontdekte ik dat er daar ook wat te zien viel (tip voor kasteel- en paleisbezoekers: kijk altijd naar omhoog en naar beneden tijdens een bezoek aan paleiskamers, so much to see!)

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Moscow in posters

After a week spent in Saint Petersburg we took the train to Moscow. I always had the feeling, whilst talking to other people, that Moscow wasn’t really liked. Someone even went as far to call Moscow “the black pit of Russia”. Our experience luckily didn’t confirm these preconceptions. I also didn’t expect the posters to be less typical Russian than in St Petersurg. Apart from the poster designs I also found some really pretty and really strange packaging design (is it fish food or is it dried goldfish you buy?).

Na een weekje Sint Petersburg trokken we ook nog drie dagen naar Moskou. De stad heeft bij bij vele mensen niet zo een positieve bijklank, ook de Russen die we in Sint Petersburg spraken beaamden dit. Moskou zou grijs zijn en volgens één van onze mede-hostel bewoners “the black pit of Russia”. Onze ervaring met Moskou strookt gelukkig niet met de verwachtingen. Ook de posters in het straatbeeld voldeden niet aan mijn verwachtingen. Heel wat minder typisch Russisch dan Sint Petersburg vond ik. Naast de posters fotografeerde ik ook nog hele mooie en hele vreemde verpakkingen (is het visseneten of koop je gedroogde goudvis?).

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Saint Petersburg in posters

As you probably know by now, I went to Russia in the past Eastern Holliday. We went to see St Petersburg and Moscow. I’m guessing you’re probably quite curious to hear all about my trip and I will, of course, write about it, but first I’m going to tease you guys a bit. I don’t have time yet to write a decent Saint Petersburg or Moscow post, so today I’ll drop some pictures I took of things that caught my eye because they’re somewhat interesting from the viewpoint of a graphic design student. Today I’ll show the ones I made in Saint Petersburg, Moscow will follow. I think they differ quit a bit, but not in a way that I had expected. The things I photographed in Saint Petersburg are way more “russian” (use of bold typography and functionalist inspired designs) than the things I found in Moscow.

Afgelopen vakantie trok ik naar Rusland, iets wat jullie ondertussen wellicht al weten. Natuurlijk ga ik daar nog uitgebreid over schrijven, maar om jullie wat in spanning te houden (en omdat ik momenteel gewoon geen tijd heb om een deftige reis-post te schrijven), ga ik voor jullie vandaag slechts een tipje van de sluier oplichten. Naast alle toeristische dingen die ik gefotografeerd heb, heb ik de grafisch design student in mij ook wat losgelaten op de stad. Ik heb geprobeerd om posters en andere elementen vast te leggen die mij aanspraken, zowel in Sint Petersburg als Moskou. Volgens mij zit er wel wat verschil op de twee steden. Vandaag toon ik jullie Sint Petersburg, waar mij vooral het gebruik van typografische en functionalistische posters opviel. Hoewel Sint Petersburg de meest Westerse van de twee steden zou zijn, gebruiken ze hier posters die mij erg Russisch leken.

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Russia, baby!

Yes, I’m going to Russia! I’m very excited (even though I aware of the current political situation), since this will probably be my most exotic trip until now. I now fairly little of the Russian city’s I’m going to visit, or about the people or their traditions. I only know they don’t really like rainbow coloured things and freedom of speech isn’t what it is in Belgium. I think visiting this strange country (it seems so far away, and yet it’s still on the same continent, for a little part anyway) will be a very interesting experience.

If you have any experience with travelling to Russia (or living there), please let me know, I would like to be, at least a little bit, informed by the time my plane leaves this little country.

Binnenkort trek ik met het Vriendje en een paar maten naar het verre Rusland! Rusland klinkt in mijn oren nog altijd behoorlijk exotisch. Het is zo een land waarvan je wel regelmatig iets hoort, of waar iedereen wel een mening over heeft (zeker met het huidige politieke klimaat), maar waar volgens mij weinig mensen echt iets van weten. Zelf ben ik ook nog erg onbekend met Rusland, ik heb geen idee hoe de mensen er gaan zijn, of het eten er echt heel anders is dan hier of wat er precies allemaal te zien is. Volgens mij gaat het alleszins een heel interessante ervaring zijn!
Ik wil natuurlijk graag wel al iets weten tegen de tijd dat mijn vliegtuig ginder land (in het grootste land ter wereld!) en ben dus benieuwd naar jullie ervaringen. Is er iemand die al eens naar Rusland geweest heeft en tips heeft? Of iemand die via via een paar must sees of interessant plekjes weet? Ik hoor het graag!

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Forest Walks and Flat Tires

De Veluwe

School only started a couple of weeks ago, yet I was already in some serious need of relaxation. This week the Boy has a holiday week, so the past weekend was the perfect moment for a quick get-away. We went to the Veluwe, an area covered in forest and moor in the Netherlands. It was very pretty and quiet, exactly what I needed!

We went for a bicycle ride on our first day and walked until my feet couldn’t take it any more the second day. The environment of the Veluwe is so nice and the view and the forest air made my hurting feet worth while.

We stayed at a little B&B called Pension Vierhouten, in the small village of Vierhouten. The owners were very friendly and the accommodation was perfect for a weekend. We used their (free) bikes for our ride on the first day. Unfortunately the Boy blew a tire and we had to walk the last 5km back to the B&B. I still enjoyed our day very much though, especially the walk back through the moor. It was so peaceful and wide spaced, exactly what my busy overflowing head needed.

The next day we decided to do everything by foot. Bike rides are fun, but you can only really enjoy the quiet of the forest when you’re walking slowly between the tall creaking trees. So we ate a hefty breakfast and went looking for our 15km walking trail. We didn’t find the route we wanted to take and ended up following a trail called “in the woods”. That’s were we spent the rest of our day. Lucky for us (our maybe the trail was planned this way), a bit past noon we were almost back in the village and we decided to get ourselves a burger at Tante Sjaan (how Hollands can a name really be?). Afterwards we went back to our trail and finished the walk.

We couldn’t stay very late in Vierhouten, because I still had heaps of school assignments that needed finishing (and starting). On our way home is when the second tire of the weekend went bye-bye. Unfortunately we were on the fifth lane on the Antwerp Ring Road, so it took a while before we got to the road shoulder. We eventually had to call assistance (which is really hard, considering their are a lot of cars passing by at 120 km/u, making a shit ton of noise) because the tire was stuck. Needles to say I didn’t get a lot done that night, so yes, this will be (another) busy week. Lucky for me, I had a relaxing weekend. 😉

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Paris Mini Zine & Blogcadeautjes


Op de blogmeet werd er een beetje (een beetje veel) aan uitwisseling van cadeautjes gedaan. Terwijl ik dit typ besef ik plots dat ik in mijn blogmeet post geen enkele cadeaujtes-foto heb verwerkt. Erm… zie ergens onderaan deze post. 🙂 Het was nog niet zo simpel op te beslissen wat ik precies aan mijn mede-bloggers wilde geven, maar toen ik na mijn reis naar Parijs nog steeds niet echt veel had om te geven, besloot ik het aangename aan het nuttige te koppelen. Als in: ik besloot om iets te doen met puntje 18 van mijn 25 before 26 lijst.

// At the recent blogmeet we exchanged handemade gifts. I suddenly relise I didn’t post pictures of all the lovely goods I received yet, so you’ll find pics at the end of this post. It wasn’t easy to decide what I would give to the other bloggers, but after my trip to Paris I had only one day to make all my gifts and so I decided to do something about number 18 on my 25 before 26 list.


Puntje 18, voor alle duidelijkheid, bestond uit het maken van een mini-magazine. Ik was al een tijdje aan het nadenken over mijn magazine en schreef me in in de online Skillshare les “Zine & Be Zine“, maar een echt goed thema had ik nog niet gevonden. Terug uit Parijs had ik wel direct een onderwerp waar ik veel over te vertellen had en waarover ik hopen beeldmateriaal had meegebracht, zowel in papieren als digitale vorm.

// Number 18 on the list is “make a mini-zine”. I had been thinking about this one for a while, but I couldn’t find a theme that I liked ebnough. Of course, when I came back from Paris, I had a subject that was very inspiring, where I had a lot to say about and where I had lot’s of digital and paper footage to use. 


Ik maakte mijn magazine volledig in Photoshop en maakte digitale collages waarin ik toegangskaartjes, instagram foto’s, snelle schetsen en visitekaartjes bijeen plakte volgens een paar thema’s (eten, favoriete plekjes en omgaan met de toeristische drukte). Uitgebreid is het niet, maar ik heb mij wel heel de dag geamuseerd met het samenstellen, inscannen, tekenen en schikken van alle pagina’s! Ik denk dat ik mij nog wel eens ga wagen aan een volledig handgetekend magazine, dat moet ook erg fijn zijn om te doen.

// I made the magazine entirely in Photoshop, making digital collages with my entry tickets, instagram photo’s, quick sketches and business cards. I worked around three themes: food; favourite Paris places and dealing with the enormous amounts of tourists flooding the Paris’ streets. The magazine doesn’t count a lot of pages, but I did love working on it very much! I’m considering making a completely hand drawn magazine,  I think it would be awesome to make one of those. 




OhParis_009_010Voor de blogmeet combineerde ik de afgeprinte versie van mijn zine (wel in het zwart-wit) met een leuke notitieboekje dat ik bij Muji had gevonden. Wat een geweldige winkels, die van Muji! Helaas bestaan ze niet in België (why? :().

// For my blogger colleagues I printed the magazine in black and white and tied it up with a nice little notebook I found at Muji. I really loved the Muji store, all those wonderful paper goods! Sadly, they don’t exist in Belgium (yet?).

08 - 2013 1110 08 - 2013 1112

Ok, tijd om nu de geweldige dingen te tonen die ik zelf gekregen heb: // And now it’s time to show you the wonderful goodies I got: 08 - 2013 1150

Je zou voor minder af en toe eens een blogmeet organiseren!

Mini Magazine Give-Away! Ik printte mijn magazine op 15 exemplaren, meer dan er bloggers waren op de blogmeet, dus ik heb er nog een paar om weg te geven. Wie er eentje wil, steekt zijn hand op, de eerste drie krijgen er eentje opgestuurd! 🙂

// Mini Magazine Give-Away! I printed my Oh, Paris-zine on 15 copies, a bit more than I actually needed, so I’m giving away three copies! Leave a comment, the first three people who indicate they want a copy get one in their mailbox. 🙂