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    2016 Winter book haul

    I accumulated a lot of books during the past months, so I thought it would be nice to show you which additions made it to my bookshelf. There are sixteen books in…

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    Summer Bookhaul

    Boehoe, ik had gehoopt om hiervan een vlog te maken, maar het komt er niet van om mijn boekenbuit opnieuw te filmen. Dan maar als een korte lijstjespost, want ik kan moeilijk…

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    May Book Haul

    English Nederlands English June was a very busy month for me (I can’t believe it’s already over!) and although I did start writing this blogpost at the beginning of the month, I…

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    December Shoplog

    I know this post is a bit late, but with the sad weather and my exams it was hard to find the right time & lighting to make decent photos. I did…

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    November bookhaul/shoplog

    Sooo, I did some shopping in November. I splurged a little on books and on bath products and I even went to H&M and bought a bunch of relatively cheap clothes. I’ll…