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    Scary books to read this Halloween

    Autumn is an awesome time to read, and especially with Halloween, it’s the perfect time to read creepy stories. I’ve seen some Halloween books lists pop-up the past couple of days and, although…

  • Books

    Verbeelding Bookchallenge 2016 [1]

    Just like last year, I’ll be participating in the Verbeelding Bookchallenge. I even made it one of the challenges on the 28 in 28 list: complete the Verbeelding Bookchallenge. I started the year…

  • Personal

    27 in 27 [update 5]

    Happy holidays everyone! Only one month left to complete my 27 in 27 challenge! I wish I made more progress, but life tends to get in the way (as it always seems to do).…

  • Books, Personal

    27 in 27 [update 4]

    It’s been two months since my last 27 in 27 update. I think it’s high time for a new update! I finished some of my challenges this time and I got the piece of…

  • Books

    Four books I really, really liked

      Picking favourite books is a hard challenge. I’m very bad at picking favourites. I seldom have all time irreplaceable favourites, but I do have things I very much like! So I picked…

  • Books, Projects

    July Bookish Photo Challenge – Day 10 – 16

    English Nederlands English July is flying by so fast! I need to get a lot of things done before August, so the Photo Challenge often gets a bit on the back shelf,…