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    Last Week

    I wasn’t very active on Instagram these last weeks. Somehow, posting¬†pictures wasn’t on my mind, although I did take quite some. I even tried doing a photo-an-hour, which I failed. I wasn’t…

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    Last Week

    On Sunday, I try to post a little overview in pictures, of the last week! The last twee weeks I’ve been a crafty little bee, finishing & working on projects that I…

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    DIY Instagram photo book

    A while ago I printed a couple of Instagram photos. I stuck them to my wall for a couple of months, but I decided I wanted to put them into a tiny…

  • Books, Projects

    July Bookish Photo Challenge – Day 24 – 31

    English Nederlands English Last part of the July Bookish Photo Challenge! I made this last week hard for myself. Making myself photograph book recommendations, book stack poems and a fricking selfie. I…

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    Last Week [15]

    English Nederlands English Wooow, it’s been ages since I wrote a Last Week post! I was planning on giving an update since the last Last Week post, because I thought it hadn’t…

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    Last Month

    It’s been a while since my last “Last Week” update, so I decided to do a “Last Month” update this time. January and February have been busy months and March won’t be…