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    My week in pictures

    Hello guys, welcome to another Week in Pictures. I didn’t do much at the beginning of the week, but had a very well filled weekend. Plus I added a little cat bonus…

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    My Week in Pictures

    This is my week in pictures. I won’t tell you anything about them, but if you pick a picture and ask me a question in the comments, I will definitely┬átell the story.…

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    Last Week 23

    On Sunday I post a little overview of the past two weeks in pictures. Things have been rather quiet (especially the first week, in which I took almost no photos), with the…

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    Last Week

    The past two week have been filled with taking care of a sick boyfriend and then being sick myself the following week. Not the most nurturing time for interesting IG photos, but…

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    July Bookish Photo Challenge – Day 24 – 31

    English Nederlands English Last part of the July Bookish Photo Challenge! I made this last week hard for myself. Making myself photograph book recommendations, book stack poems and a fricking selfie. I…

  • Books, Projects

    A Bookish Photo Challenge

    English Nederlands English Yes, it’s time for a new photo challenge! I already did a photo a day challenge back in January. Although I didn’t really finish it (turns out doing challenges…