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St Petersburg

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    Happy Feet

    When we go on a citytrip we walk. A. Lot. With all that walking around I tend to get sore feet. Not something I particularly enjoy, but because of the soreness of…

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    Saint Petersburg in posters

    As you probably know by now, I went to Russia in the past Eastern Holliday. We went to see St Petersburg and Moscow. I’m guessing you’re probably quite curious to hear all…

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    Last Week [04]

    Last week I was in Russia! I had a great time, saw a lot of awesome things and walked a lot of miles. I enjoyed both Saint Petersburg and Moscow, ate lot’s…

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    Russia, baby!

    Yes, I’m going to Russia! I’m very excited (even though I aware of the current political situation), since this will probably be my most exotic trip until now. I now fairly little…